Oblique Creations SS24 Collection

“Love and Psyche”

Oblique Creations SS24 Collection

“For as strong as death is love, as unyielding as the underworld is passion” (Apuleius). When the purity of the Soul meets the sensuality of Eros, the perfection of their fusion ignites with fiery tenderness, opening a passage between the human and the divine. It is the myth of Love and Psyche that comes to life, an emotional image that traverses epochs and overcomes obstacles to merge the flesh of lovers and an ideal of pure beauty, resolving the dichotomy between the heart and reason.

In the same way, the woman of Oblique Creations opens her creativity to a fruitful dialogue between emotions and thoughts, embracing in the emotional part of her spirit the powerful rationality of her mind.

It is a single, great energy that arises from the dialogue between the two components of an eternal feminine in motion, capable of following the threads of an unconventional and eccentric vision encapsulated in the aesthetics of the SS24 collection by the brand.

It is the lines and colors of fabrics and rubberized materials that create an ideal armor for femininity – playful and sensual! – whose contrasting volumes enhance essential and poetic silhouettes. Prints and embroidery intertwine with animalistic flashes in a hedonistic declaration that envelops body and soul in abstractions and games of transparencies akin to the myth.

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