NYC Fashion Essentials for the On-the-Go Gal

New York City

NYC Fashion Essentials for the On-the-Go Gal

If you don’t want to stick out when you’re in NYC, it’s important to dress like a local. First thing’s first: we all know that New Yorkers love the color black. In fact, some locals may argue there isn’t really a color that works quite as well as black: it’s slimming, chic, and never goes out of style. With that said, there’s plenty of room to add in pops of colors whether you want to make a splash in jewel tones or keep things chill in pastels.

Here are some NYC fashion essentials for the lady who is always on the move:

1. A moto jacket

If you’re looking for an edgy, chic way to say, “I’ve arrived,” there’s no easier way to break out into the NYC fashion scene than with a leather or vegan moto jacket. You can use it to add polish to a simple white tee and jeans combo. Or, throw it on over a feminine dress to give your attire a masculine touch.

If you’re really feeling a dark, mysterious vibe, wear an all-black monochrome outfit and don’t forget a matte black manicure and merlot lipstick to really take it over the top. It’s a gothic city slicker look you never knew you needed.

2. Comfortable shoes

When you’re in New York, you’re going to be walking a lot. Whether you’re running to catch a subway or walking blocks to brunch, walking is inherent to the New York way of living. Slip-on sneakers for women are a good choice to keep your feet comfortable but stylish as you traverse the city and hit up attractions like the Met or the Comedy Cellar.

The fastest way to stand out in NYC is to wear shoes that you can barely walk in. Trust us, you’ll want to be comfortable and not teetering around in too-tall heels.

3. A crisp, white tee

A crisp, white top is the workhorse and staple of any NYC fashion girl’s closet. You can dress this versatile piece of clothing either up or down depending on the dress code or venue. Pair it with colorful bottoms, layer a chunky knit cardigan over it, or choose a pencil skirt to complement it. The best part of a white tee is that it creates the foundation to add fun accessories and additions around it. With a white top, you have a blank slate to work with, so make the most of it!

Street Style New York4. Mom jeans

As much as fashion blogs have lamented these baggy, frumpy style items – they’ve been given new life in the latest round of trends. Mom-style jeans are relaxed and easy-going wardrobe additions. A great pair will keep you comfortable even if you’re out at all hours of the night and day. Just make sure you pair it with a form-fitting top so you don’t look like a sack of potatoes.

Proportions are always important to think about when you’re constructing a look. If you go baggy on the bottom, balance it out with a well-tailored top. And the same goes for the reverse: a voluminous top is best complemented by skinny jeans.

5. Statement bag

In addition to your weekender bag, you’ll want to bring a smaller bag with you to carry your essentials while you’re out like your wallet and phone. Opt for something bright but minimal. A hands-free bag like a fanny pack or backpack are great choices when you need to be extra mobile. You can also choose a cute tote bag that has enough room for additional items—perfect for those spontaneous shopping days.

6. Athleisure

Nothing says ‘cool’ quite like athleisure. Choose coordinating tops and bottoms that have a cute, athletic fair and sneakers that are minimalist but bright. Not only will you be comfortable but you’ll also be ready for anything your itinerary throws at you. Just because you can’t afford a SoulCycle class doesn’t mean you can’t fake it with some sweet threads.

In Summary

New Yorkers have an effortless, cool aura that is incredibly difficult to emulate. However, with the right attention to detail, you can trick anyone into thinking you’re an NYC native. Stick to minimalist outfits with pops of color, comfortable shoes, and thoughtful accessories and you’ll blend right in.


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