Noon by Noor Spring Summer 2018 Show at NYFW

NYFW SS2018 Noon by Noor

NYFW SS2018 IN REVIEW: Sophistication Comes Easy with Noon by Noor


Masculine and feminine looks are often regarded as having a polarity similar to the divide between sophistication and ease. Yet a handful of brands somehow manage to blend those elements together – and none as seamless it seems as Noon by Noor. This comes as no surprise to those familiar with how the Bahrain based label has balanced its foundational Eastern and Western influences since launching in 2008. Even as it often pays homage to the traditional flowing shapes still thriving in the island kingdom, it manages to do so in modern ways that translate across all borders. The latest collection by designing cousins Shaikha Noor Al Khalifa and Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa offers billowing dresses with pristinely tailored blazers, ruffled knits and oversized shirts with wide legged trousers. Delicate, sheer fabrics achieve structure with pleats and surface details while floral embellishments give the sharp silhouettes grace. The palette – in white, black, and rosebuds – underscores refinement while bringing the details into sharper relief. The looks here were accessorized with pieces – a Kelly box and Lee Pouchet envelope cluth – from the brand’s capsule collaboration with handbag designer Tyler Ellis. Polarity never looked so perfectly balanced. Noon by Noor

Images Courtesy of Noon by Noor

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