Nicole Williams English sets the Disco vibes during Miami Swim Week with new Nia Lynn Collection

Nicole Williams English sets the disco vibes during Miami Swim Week with new Nia Lynn collection

Every model at the Nia Lynn runway show was grooving and bringing the disco spirit to a world in need of bold dressing. For WAGS star Nicole Williams English, building a swimwear line is more than just understanding the basics. Her sewing activities with her mom definitely leveraged her passion for fashion production and set the stage for her future endeavor. “I’ve always wanted my own line. All the years of traveling and working with other designers, trying on clothing, knowing how swimsuits are supposed to fit – all that experience has made me an
expert,” shared Williams English about her swimwear expertise.

The collection which was sold in minutes features a geo motif – a signature element and unique pattern that reverberates the disco subculture of the 70s. Headwraps were also a part of the swimsuit ensemble, which women still wear to show their power and status. Every detail was carefully crafted by a manufacturer in LA. “I get to go into the factory every day and go over the sewers and try on everything and test the samples. I am very hands-on and particular with the fit,” shared the supermodel entrepreneur.

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Instead of letting the sewer decide the production, Nicole Williams English stays close to the process and supervises each sample with minutiae. Testing different samples from Colombia and LA was one of her most challenging experiences. Especially when a global pandemic gets in the way of creative direction. “It is important to find someone that understands who you are, what the brand is about, so that way you save time going back and forth during the manufacturing process,” said the designer.

As a supermodel who has donned many bikinis, she understands the need for women to feel comfortable in their own skin. That’s why Williams English has made it her mission to create an inclusive line with high-quality material that hugs your body in the right places. “Nia Lynn stands for women embracing their bodies, their curves, and being confident. When you wear swimwear you are in your most vulnerable state and we just stand for body positivity. We go from small and XL, and I make sure that all my pieces look great on everybody.”


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