New York Comic Con Was Back In Full Force at NY Javits Center

After more than 2 years New York Comic Con was back in full force at NY Javits Center October 7-10, 2021.

Fans from all over the world congregated in Cosplay to experience all that NY Comic Con has to offer. Due to COVID Restrictions, there were numerous checkpoints to make sure that everyone complied with the current CDC guidelines and to attend everyone 12 and over had to be fully vaccinated. 

New York Comic Con 2021

New York Comic Con 2021

New York Comic Con 2021

New York Comic Con 2021

New York Comic Con 2021

New York Comic Con 2021

As I walked the floor at Comic Con it was so wonderful to be back amongst my fellow comic corners with masks on. 

Many of the pre pandemic companies were there including FYE, TOPPS, eBay, NASA, Paramount and Nickelodeon!

Missing were larger companies like Marvel and Lego and JellyBelly who were there in past years.

The panels were in full force including Outlander with some of the cast and director in person and some live-streaming in which was great.

As 2021 is coming to a close I am happy that after almost 18 months life is starting to return to NY.

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Can’t wait to see the show back to on a larger scale in 2022!

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