Mr & Mrs Italy and Clara Aestas in Exclusive Beachwear Collaboration

Mr & Mrs Italy and Clara Aestas are proud to announce the beginning of their collaboration which arises from the sharing of values ​​between the two young Italian brands. Mr & Mrs Italy, which has made Army Urban Chic style its strong point, meets the haute couture beachwear brand by Clara Aestas.

The partnership, founded on the common passion for attention to detail, quality of materials and made in Italy, finds expression in the freshest beachwear capsule, all based on color, which has already charmed web celebrities and beyond.

Minimal style and clean lines detailed by embroidery in fine macramé lace are the characteristics of the one-piece swimsuit in solid color, which can only be purchased on the websites and

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For the occasion, a dedicated packaging has been specially designed: a very comfortable gold-colored clutch bag with the Mr & Mrs Italy logo in its iconic army green, made in the precious macramé of Clara Aestas, to be carried on the beach always with you.


The project is a summer breeze, a hymn to the joie de vivre and a warm wish for a special and above all thoughtless summer. The message is clear: in the post lockdown, Italy stands up in the awareness that we must not give up and, the two companies translate this need into a Pop key, proposing a capsule with strong colors that incarnates the Italian leading hashtag of the pandemic: #andratuttobene (everything will be fine).

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