Mr & Mrs Italy Spring Summer 2020 Collection

Mr & Mrs Italy spring summer 2020: unisex parkas and bombers for the warm seasons? A must have.

Mr & Mrs Italy Spring Summer 2020: Unisex Parkas and Bombers for the warm seasons? A must have.

During Milano Fashion Week we attended the presentation of Mr & Mrs Italy’s Spring Summer Collection 2020. In the frame of the Sheraton Diana Majestic Hotel, the collection was beautifully displayed in a tropic inspired scenario.


Mr & Mrs Italy Spring Summer 2020 Collection



This collection, that shares some pieces with the men’s collection we visited in June, was created and supervised by Fashion guru Ivana Omazic, former Celine designer. This marks her first collaboration with Mr & Mrs Italy. Ivana personally guided us from New York Style Guide through the presentation, an exceptional honor given to the magazine, that we are grateful for.

Let’s see what Mr. & Mrs. Italy had for us. 

Using fabrics like nylon, cotton velvet, (handpicked) detachable feathers and technical organdie, the brand showed, to start with, that parka is not just an apparel for winter. It is so much more than that. Completing the collection with bombers, maxi overcoats and military jackets, this time Mr & Mrs Italy can effortlessly cover all seasons without detaching from their core iconic pieces.







To lighten the masculine cuts, see-through, bejeweled brooches and decorative plissé embellish the collection with details that don’t alter the unisex vocation but adds a touch of feminine allure to it. That is something that only the tasteful grace of this brand can create. It explains how grace translates in unisex, and mixes elements that are so complex to blend with a surprising simplicity.





The pieces caress the body with delicacy while keeping a very defined shape, which is the best though hardest way to describe unisex in clothing: strong but graceful, defined but evanescent.  The creative choice of mixing strength at delicacy is probably the hardest work for a designer that wants to be both balanced and daring, both outstanding and totally wearable.





Dominant colours are green, black and red, and as mentioned, some of these pieces are a crossover from the men’s collection. After all, if it is unisex, it really means that both men and women can wear it. We find red maxicoats and the green maxi coat with Ainu prints displayed with much rightfulness among others a touch more feminine apparels, that said if not for others, because they involved skirts.



Exactly as for the men’s collection the fabrics are completely unpredictable: what you see is the result of a savoir faire that really confuses eyes and touch. Transparencies are one of the decisive elements that boost the collection into the warm seasons, while the traditional big volumes of parkas and bombers become impalpable by technical organza.

Paired with the spring summer collection 2020, Mr & Mrs Italy dedicated a spot of the show for a fall winter limited edition created together with The Capecode, available now in stores. Three winter coats with relative accessories with high level of functional details welcomed the guests at the very entrance. It included: a scarf with a hidden extra hood and visible pockets with an incredible versatility, coats with elegantly hidden details, fur on a skilfully tailored cashmere.







The Mr & Mrs Italy day ended in the evening with a very crowded private party in the same location.

Once again Mr & Mrs Italy has shown consistency, elegance and skilful design that makes the brand stand out. Many try with unisex, there are even whole countries that aim to specialise in this particular genre. But Mr & Mrs Italy seems to be the only one to deliver design that is not a detraction of something from both gender, but it is an addiction and it is for sure one of the few that can surprise with the flag of the Italian excellence: an incredible cure for details. 

It is a specific quality of Mr & Mrs Italy that the brand can mix and be unique even with a limited selection of colours, but a witty choice of cuts and fabrics. Check more on their website

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