Mixing Modern and Traditional: Blending Styles for Timeless NYC Interiors

Mixing Modern and Traditional Blending Styles for Timeless NYC Interiors
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Traditional and modern design may seem at odds with each other, but mixing the two makes for a clever, unique style you can really make into your own. New York City has a rich history, so why shouldn’t your interior reflect that? By striking a balance between clean lines and modern functionality with traditional details and richness, you’re able to completely customize the look.

After all, it’s your home. Nothing says you have to hem yourself into following one (and only one) design style. If you can’t choose between modern and traditional, you don’t have to. By incorporating elements of both, you’ll create something that stands the test of time and looks amazing in the process.

Modern Palettes Meet Traditional Furniture

Modern design banks on the idea of a monochromatic (and often neutral) color palette. Pale grays, whites, light lavenders, and similar colors make up the core of a lot of modern design. You’ll find them much less present in traditional interiors, though. So what happens when you take a modern set of colors and pair it with older styles of furniture online? It makes a little bit of magic.

For example, taking a very traditional wingback chair (or a pair of them) and placing them in a pale gray room gives you the feel of a modern room but the flair of traditional furniture. You don’t have to worry about backing yourself into a corner, and you get the best of both worlds. Even if you favor one style more than the other, don’t skip out on mixing and matching. Include both as you compare furniture prices and select the pieces for your home.

Go Big With the Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a near-perfect piece of furniture. They’re functional, they’re decorative, and they have the ability to change the entire look and feel of a room. When you’re mixing styles, that’s a piece you never want to skip.

If you’re going for a more traditional look with most of your furniture or decor, use the coffee table as a modern twist. You can find a piece that has certain elements in common with the rest of the room, and it should probably be a complementary color (or at least a pleasing contrast), but its overall purpose is to throw a design curveball and remind everyone that the room isn’t exactly what it seemed.

Have Fun With Mirrors

Most types of design apply their own tenants to mirrors. Modern mirrors tend to offer up clean lines that run throughout the style. In contrast, traditional mirrors may appear a bit more ornate. Because mirrors are so multi-functional, serving as decor, lighting tools, and space enhancers, you’ll need at least one in your home. Use it to drive home your unique blend of designs.

If your home reflects more of a modern design, consider adding in a more intricate traditional mirror. Likewise, if you lean more towards traditional with the majority of your interior, a simple modern mirror pulls a room together without distracting from what’s already there. Depending on the kind of balance you’re trying to achieve, a mirror can either draw attention or make sure the eye stays trained on the rest of the room.

Find a Feature Piece

Have you ever perused a shop and fallen in love with a piece? When you get something one-of-a-kind, you doubtlessly want it to be an important feature of your home. Those are the perfect pieces for mixing and matching.

For instance, imagine you found a beautiful antique dining table that you instantly need in your home. While you can very well put the dining table in as-is and include any seating that comes with it, it’s also prime real estate for combining a stunning traditional piece with modern accents. Swap out its original chairs for something sleeker and modern instead. They won’t detract from the table itself. Instead, they provide the perfect contrast to highlight just how special it is.

Think About Rugs

Like coffee tables, rugs are another opportunity to sneak in a surprise. Some designs are timeless, like oriental rugs, but they still evoke thoughts of some styles more than others. By choosing an intricate, “old school” oriental rug for a mostly-modern living room, you’re putting in an unexpected, yet beautiful, element.

On the other hand, rugs made with natural materials like jute have a simplistic, modern look that offers a stunning contrast to traditional furniture and artwork. It’s a similar idea to the mirrors – a rug can either pull in attention or it can leave room for everything else.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to your home, you’re not limited to one style or another. You don’t have to choose a strictly modern design or stay with a wholly traditional look. At a glance, the styles seem to have very little in common, but with the tips above you’ll strike the balance between the two.

It may take a bit of effort to find exactly the right furniture and decor for a blended style, but you’ll get there. When you do, Spoken’s tool will handle the price comparison for you. Don’t pay more for that modern coffee table when three other retailers have the same one for a lower price. Get the furniture you love for less, and get back to dreaming up your next room.






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