Milano Prime Spaces: the Opening of Garden Senato

Milano Prime Spaces: the Opening of Garden Senato

Milano Prime Spaces: the Opening of Garden Senato

Milano Prime Spaces is the new luxury location network in the heart of Milano with an exclusive management: it’s a selection of spaces that stand out for their history, location e for the way they meet the requirements of corporates, fashion and design.

They are 5 prime spaces, very different from each other, that tell different stories of the city and excel for centrality, excellence, and technology. These spaces are:

  • Garden Senato
  • Brera Site
  • Chiostro Cappuccio
  • Terrazza Martini
  • and already known for readers of New York Style Guide, Spazio Gessi

During Milano Design City 2020, New York Style Guide had the opportunity to participate to the Garden Senato Open Days. The event presented the new garden, a space dedicated to hosting events, born from the restoration and design of the existing location on an area of 2300 square meters (circa 24756 square feet), inside a historical building in Via Senato 14, in the fashion district.

GardenSenato 04

GardenSenato 05
Pictures By Flora MC: the garden and the honour courtyard overlooking the gallery on the left

The idea, the architectonic project and the art direction for Garden Senato belong to architect Alessandra Dalloli. It took two years to reorganise all spaces and paths in order to give the garden its new strong identity. The restoration opted for an aesthetic and functional approach, with attention to accessibility and preservation of the historical greenery.

IMG 6874
Architect Alessandra Dalloli presents the project to visitors at Garden Senato Open Days – picture courtesy of Monica Art Events


Garden Senato FloorPlan
Floorplan of Garden Senato, picture courtesy of Milano Prime Spaces and Art Events

The multifunctional room (6), a configurable space with minimal aesthetics, is equipped with technological built-in features and backup areas, making it ideal for conferences, exhibitions and seated dinners.

GS med 10
Pictures courtesy of Milano Prime Spaces and Art Events

GS med 9

The paths in the vast garden (4) pass through green areas and flowerbeds to lead the guests up to the central sculpted fountain and to an enchanting neo-classic style shrine.

GardenSenato 06 GardenSenato 10

The circular fountain with the scenographic bronze statue “The Annunciation of Love” is a work of Filippo Antonio Cifariello, Neapolitan sculptor from the late 1800, and  the renovation is the work of Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains. The shrine is surrounded by a small picturesque English garden that tours all around the structure in up-and-down-the-hill stone paths.

GardenSenato 08 GardenSenato 13GardenSenato 15

GardenSenato 09
The fountain the shrine and the garden seen from the shrine. Pictures by Flora MC


The gallery (2) is a beautiful and minimalistic area defined by its big windows and is perfectly suited for exhibitions

GS med 2

GS med 3
Picture courtesy of Milano Prime Spaces and Art Events

The pergola was created in the latest sylings and is a large covered structure ideal to host exhibitions or banquets and dinners, benefitting from an adjacent catering area.

GardenSenato 16 GardenSenato 19

GardenSenato 21
Pictures by Flora MC
GS med 4
Picture courtesy of Milano Prime Spaces and Art Events

The position and the combination of outdoor and indoor areas make Garden Senato perfect for private and corporate events, giving space to memorable settings. The result of the restoration is an integrated work where the garden is still the beating heart of the space both conceptually and visually.

Because of its ambients and scenography, Garden Senato represent a unique location in Milano, particularly well equipped for fashion events, not last as placed in the heart of the Fashion District, a two minutes walk from Via Montenapoleone.

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