Matchy-Matchy – When Moms and Daughters have the same clothes

Matchy–Matchy - when moms and daughers have the same clothes

It is known that between mothers and daughters there has always been a special, often beautiful understanding that transforms and evolves with the passage of time. The relationship between mother and daughter begins to establish itself from the last months before birth; through the timbre of the voice, the mother’s heartbeat, and the biochemical contact with the food the mother ingests.After birth, all this turns into a truly symbiotic relationship. A mother’s relationship with her young daughter is always one of strong attachment and love. In fact, around the age of five, the relationship tends to become stronger as the child finds her feminine identity in her mother.

So, what better way to show love than by fashion and mommy ad me outfits ?

The fashion of ‘Mini me’ or ‘Maxi you’ or “matchy-matchy “(depending on your point of view) was introduced in our country by Hollywood stars. The term ‘matchy-matchy’ is used when one outfit communicates with another on the basis of a well-defined color code or pattern. While the term ‘twinning’ is used when two outfits are identical in everything, style, and pattern.

Children are known to follow the example of their parents, and perhaps in a family where we dress in matching outfits, the little one has a very clear message from the very beginning. Attachment and a sense of belonging.

One website that gives you the best opportunities to find the PERFECT match between you and your daughter is SweetHoney Clothing. Mom and me matching outfits is their motto.

For them, a dress is more than a dress. It marks a very important moment of childhood happiness. What better way to share it with your mom? A swimsuit that can give value to a summer of joy. A backpack carries school years full of memories and years full of promises. They pay attention to every little detail because they know everyday items tell a story, and they want theirs to stand the test of time.

Their purpose, in the beginning, was to enjoy everyday moments. To give the message to live day by day the moments among families. They are a family-centered company that gives importance to its community. With the same meticulous attention to detail as always, they dream up timeless designs that resonate with joy and childhood innocence.

Matchy-matchy is the right way to have fun and experiment with something new with your kids. It adds tenderness to a memory of your childhood. They have been designed in-house and made by hand clothes. Their pieces are created to make your growing little ones feel confident and ready to conquer their days and their entire world.

Having a matching outfit with your mom sometimes can help you to build this confidence. Because, as we know, “Mother-daughter” is the strongest of ties. The mother is the person who can understand you best and fastest. Because if there is one figure we can count on, it is our mother. Especially if we are daughters.

The bond between mother and daughter is the strongest and most enduring. Such a strong and unique bond is for life.


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