MARYLING SS24 Collection at Milan Fashion Week

MARYLING SS24 Collection at Milan Fashion Week


MARYLING University, finding the new you”: a manifesto and simultaneously a statement of intent enclosed in MARYLING’s SS24, reflecting the moments of transformation in life, encompassing experiences derived from venturing into the unknown, curiosity, and the freedom to explore.

It is the personal exploration of existence undertaken by contemporary artists that becomes the key to interpreting the brand’s inspiration. MARYLING draws from pop icons like Britney Spears as well as figures in the art world such as Michael Landy, Tracey Emin, and Magdalena Abakanowicz, who reevaluate their own lives with a highly spectacular personal filter. This is achieved through sculpture and painting, photography and embroidery, as well as destruction and freeze-framing of lived and recreated moments. Here, the journey of each artist, their playful and nostalgic vision, and the emotional aspect inseparable from practice create an archetype of the university experience, leaving room for self-reinvention as well as nostalgia for the past.

The ideal starting point is “Break Down,” the performance artwork that brought Michael Landy to the forefront. It centered around the destruction of all his possessions as an ideal investigation into everyone’s real needs, a concept reflected in MARYLING’s key looks. The artist’s audacity is channeled into the daring collage of prints that characterize the collection, suggesting the idea of self-care and self-respect typical of the MARYLING woman whose wardrobe reflects her identity.

Unexpected color combinations such as elephant gray, daffodil yellow, and indigo, accented by neon highlights, are framed by darker shades and classic black and white. Tie-inspired stripes are applied as prints on hems, while organic knit textures featuring geek-chic diamonds and chevrons use cashmere, mohair, and wool as a base. The vintage touch of the collection continues with printed silk, georgette, and satin in vibrant colors that pay homage to times past and the inherent novelty of the new. The shapes are tailored and essential, often paired with multicolored silk, while the garments are layered, giving rise to eclectic combinations. The concept of reuse itself alludes to the extraordinary process of identity creation. A collection that subverts expectations and invites a playful reinvention of the self.

Check out the stunning images of the MARYLING Collection from Milan Fashion Week 2023/2024


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