Marwida Men’s Swimwear Hosted

Pop-Up during MIAMI Swim Week Paraiso at SLS South Beach

Sustainable Men’s Swimwear brand, Marwida, hosted a Pop-Up event during Paraiso Miami Beach Swim Week at SLS South Beach on Sunday, August 23rd from 1pm to 4pm

Marwida Men's Swimwear Hosted Pop-Up during MIAMI Swim Week / Paraiso at SLS South Beach

The pop-up took place in one of the poolside cabanas at the SLS with a live art installation featuring a model showing off the swim trunks for media and stylists who were invited to view and learn about the brand.

Marwida Men's Swimwear


Swim Week- Designer Questions

What inspires you to create your swimwear?
We have always been interested in classic design and the handcraft behind it. The attention to details and long lasting quality. That is what Marwida is founded upon.

How did you come up with the brand name? Meaning behind it?
The ocean has been a big part of our lives. We named our brand Marwida from the latin words mare (sea) and vida (life). And we create our swimwear from recycled plastics. Sustainable life.

When did you first launch your swimwear design?
After a long process that stretched through years, we finally launched in December 2019.

Marwida Men's Swimwear

Tell us about your new collection. What inspired you to create it?
The sea is a source for contemplation and inspiration for us. Sailing in the Baltic Sea growing up as well as traveling the Mediterranean. All patterns are inspired by marine habitats and phenomena, such as corals and waves. We also work with the Coral Reef Alliance in order to save the reefs. Marwida is just as much about sustainability and preserving the ocean as it is about fashion.

When was your first swimwear show and how did it make you feel after?
Swim Week in Miami this summer was our first show since the launch. Even though the times are strange, we feel proud and happy to be able to present ourselves. Now it’s more important than ever to focus on long-term sustainable products.

Since the pandemic happened what are you hoping for 2020 Swim Week?
We are hoping to create awareness in the fashion industry, leading the way for other brands and fashionistas to work with recycled materials as a new standard. The fact that nature made a comeback when societies were in lockdown is something we need to acknowledge, protect and keep in mind when we reboot.

Marwida Men's Swimwear

With the pandemic happening, how are you handling retail sales? Have you noticed a major loss?
We started our business as a modern e-commerce business so in that way we are lucky. We feel for the businesses that are hurting through this pandemic. Obviously we hope this will all be over soon and that Marwida swimwear will be hanging on your rackets ready for use.

During hard times what hardships have you faced with trying to promote your collection?
The major difficulty in these times is of course the lack of exposure in boutiques, but also the travel restrictions keeping our customers at home. Luckily we have received some good exposure even in these times. Both customers and media have been aligned with our vision of being part of a more sustainable lifestyle, which is fantastic.

Any new upcoming projects? What is next?
You can expect to see a lot from Marwida the upcoming years. New styles and collections are soon on the way as well as something for the kids. Marwida is part of the future.

About Marwida : Marwida Swimwear is dedicated to creating high quality products for the style conscious with a conscience by producing sustainable styles made of engineered up-cycled materials. The handcrafted swimwear is currently available in three patterns (coral, star and waves), six versatile colors (grey, blue, acqua, yellow, purple and red) and four sizes (small, medium, large and XL). Made in a slim Italian fit, the shorts are straight leg, mid-length and mid-rise style and offer adjustable waistbands and built in mesh briefs. Marwida’s swimwear only uses engineered upcycled materials, where of a good 40% is SEAQUAL® YARN, a polyester produced under license from The SEAQUAL Initiative who together with fisherman, NGOs and local communities are cleaning the Mediterranean of marine litter. The remaining yarn in a pair of Marwidas comes from land recycled post consumer plastic bottles.


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