Visionary Maria Sol Messi of The Messi Store

Our Interview with Visionary Maria Sol Messi of The Messi Store

Maria Sol Messi is the younger sister of Leo Messi and the Brand Manager for The Messi Store. Maria brings a lifetime of passion for fashion and trends to the team. Representing Leo’s personal style, Maria assists the Creative Director, Ginny Hilfiger, in the designing, styling, and merchandising of each collection.

Can you share with us your background and the Messi Brand?

I’m a fashion lover, I’ve always kept a close eye on the latest trends and aspects of the fashion industry and business. Indeed, I’ve studied hard to be able to work professionally in the sector. I’m proud to be the brand manager of The Messi Store and Leo’s younger sister. What I try and do at The Messi Store is to channel the brand’s vision and be the link between the ideas, the work we carry out and the way in which Leo himself, as brand ambassador, thinks and dresses. I put in a lot of effort to be able to work on this project, which is so special for my family and I.

Maria Sol Messi Interview
Creative Director, Ginny Hilfiger and Maria Sol Messi
Maria Sol Messi Interview
Creative Director, Ginny Hilfiger and Maria Sol Messi
Maria Sol Messi Interview
Creative Director, Ginny Hilfiger, Leo Messi and Maria Sol Messi

What is the brand’s vision behind the Messi Collection?

We always say that there are two words which are central to what we do and they are accuracy and speed, which are also two qualities that Leo displays out on the pitch. The Messi Store also aims, in a certain sense, to show people what my brother is like: a humble person with great ambition and professionalism in everything he does. We also aim to ensure that the collection is in line with his tastes and that he likes it. I know him well and all about his tastes, although I must say that I very often ask his opinion to make sure he feels comfortable with the collections and is able to identify with them.

The collections are aimed at a very varied customer profile, because they’re really fresh and very casual, whilst at the same time being understated and elegant.

Maria Sol Messi Interview
CEO & Founder Maximiliano Ojeda, Ginny Hilfiger, Leo Messi and Maria Sol Messi
Maria Sol Messi Interview
Maria Sol Messi
Maria Sol Messi Interview
Ginny Hilfiger, Leo Messi and Maria Sol Messi

What do you think makes The Messi Brand stand out? Can you share a story?

The most significant aspect is that it’s a brand that has many ingredients that make it current and attractive, mainly its quality and, as I mentioned before, its freshness. Our clients tell us that they consider it as being a different kind of brand and one that stands out because it’s cool and the collection is understated and very wearable, whilst at the same time offering some daring features.

I’ve got two stories that I want to take the opportunity to share because they really made an impression on me in the time we’ve been working on the brand. Firstly, I was in Barcelona before the COVID-19 outbreak and I saw a group of people on the street who were all wearing really cool clothing, they in particular caught my eye because they were wearing clothes that, without being striking, made them look really good. As I walked past them, I spotted that one of them was wearing a The Messi Store jacket and there really are no words to describe how I felt…

The other story is one from a time I was with Leo on a matchday and he was leaving for the stadium, I remember that he went to get changed and came out wearing a The Messi Store T-shirt. Later on, when we were watching the build-up to the match on television and Leo appeared with Luis Suárez and he was, of course, wearing the T-shirt. That was, once again, a moment of great pride and it made me immensely happy to see that others and my brother, who is the brand ambassador, like our project.

Maria Sol Messi Interview
Maria Sol Messi

Is the brand working on any exciting new projects now?

Yes, for the last few months, we’ve been working on some new things that we’re going to be doing and releasing. We prefer not to reveal too many details at this stage because we want to finish everything off, but I can tell you now that we’ve got some really interesting things coming up that our The Messi Store clients will really like.

Where do you see the Messi Collection going in the future?

 We’re increasingly opening ourselves up to new ideas, particularly in terms of trends. We’re working hard to promote our presence in some countries where the demand is simply amazing. We’re always considering entering new markets and offering the best quality and aligning the brand’s spirit with the latest trends. We’re now offering clothing for women and have got more new products that we’ll be releasing in the near future.

How can our readers connect with you and the Messi Collection on Social Media?

We really are everywhere, we’re on most of the social media networks. Social media is an essential part of the brand for us because they’re like a fashion magazine to us. It’s there that everyone can see the inspiration behind our collections, the products and even make purchases. I recommend that everyone visits, as well as our official Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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