Madi Abaida’s Extremedy is all about women’s power

Madi Abaida's Extremedy

Hidden behind both the personal life and creations of Madi Abaida you will find a message of female assessment and it’s in the name of a woman tout court that her works elevate to the global dimensions.

Ironic, strong and an out-of-the-box business woman, she has put all her essence in Extremedy,  the brand that she founded and where she is creative director.

Extremedy reflects the freedom of expression, the authenticity of individuality, as it mirrors the designer who, through fashion, shows her fearless sense of self expression that helped reach her personal goals.

Believe in yourself, that’s the only way to be successful” can be Madi Abaida’s motto.

That’s how the brand sums up the life and experience of Casablanca born Madi, a self taught creative that took her talent to Spain after dropping her juridical studies (against her parents’ opinion) to meet all the harshness of life without getting overwhelmed by adversities.

The men/women collections mean passion for life for the designer.

Her first show in Dubai was a success that brought to the debut at Milano Fashion Week, always aiming to celebrate women’s empowerment. Her collection encourages women to be aware of their power, skills and freedom in order to guid them to their place in society where they feel they belong.

Her own words “I believe in women’s power: being a woman means being courageous, don’t be afraid to break through the limits. Thanks to fashion, women, especially in the Middle East, are experimenting a way to express themselves, without any fear, transforming what they wear in a reflection of the culture and country they belong to“.


Extremedy style follows the social transformations that are acting as a revolution for the women’s conditions in Middle Eastern countries and brings along with its collections both a lively creativity and the mission to both value and fashion the feminine dimension.

Extremedy is streetwear, urban deluxe and follows no trends. It opposes electric street to the luxury and melts them: the result is complex and surpasses the mere clothing becoming a real message.

Extremedy is unique, as Madi herself wanted to create something that did not exist before, an expression of herself out of time and out the the ordinary.

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