Made up Marvels: On-Trend Makeup Looks of 2016
From season to season and year to year, new makeup trends are always developing and changing. Take a look at some of the hottest makeup trends of 2016 – and advice on how to apply them!

maybelline-gigi-hadid-lip-color-sensational-vivid-matte-liquidRed Lipstick

There’s a red lipstick for everyone, no matter your skin tone, lip shape, or eye color. While it can certainly be worn alone, you can also dress up your vintage look with a few other products for a night out on the town or dinner with friends.

Get the look: To start with, consult with a makeup artist or colorist (Sephora or Mary Kay consultants are great bets for this) to choose the best red lipstick for your skin and eye color. If you’re an experienced makeup maven, though, you might not need to do this at all. If you prefer to stay at home, you can always use an online tool to match shades to your skin – some even allow you to upload selfies to see how a specific product will look on you.

Remember: Always apply makeup to a clean and moisturized face! Begin by applying your foundation and concealer. Buff well until blended. If you wear blush, choose a neutral shade that won’t clash with your red lips. Sweep across your cheekbones in a C-shape. If you have dry skin or lines around your mouth, make sure you use a lip liner that’s either clear or matches your lip shade. Fill in your lips with your red lipstick. If you’re using an especially vivid red, make sure not to apply too much, and stay just inside the lines of your lips, particularly if you have very full lips or a wide mouth (bright reds can make your mouth look far bigger than it is!).
Selena Gomez

Nudes and Neutrals

Suitable for everything from a job interview to an afternoon latte with the bae, neutral looks are anything but boring. Choose bronzes, browns, caramels, apricots and chocolates to create a truly stunning neutral look.

Get the look: After applying foundation/concealer, sweep a neutral blush across cheekbones. On your lips, apply a bronze, brown (not too dark – it’ll make you look older), or apricot shade. On your eyes, go for creams, bronzes, light browns or neutral golds. If you want to add a bit of pizzazz, wing your eye shadow and add black gel eyeliner (to apply gel eyeliner without messing it up, take your time with it, and apply the eyeliner with small dashes to the lash line, connecting it as you go). Finish it up with a volumizing mascara for an added flair of drama.

Kim Kardashian Blue EyesBlue Eye shadows and Liners

A lot of beauty enthusiasts shy away from blue eye shadow – but if done correctly, blue eye shadow can be the basis for an eye-popping and attention-grabbing look.

Get the look: Peruse a variety of blue eye shadows and see which one best suits your skin tone (that might be more than a few!). Press or sweep the blue eye shadow onto your lids. For really matte and popping color, you can even try doing up your lids with a gel or cream eyeliner. To warm up the blue and create a mermaid-like effect, do your creases and upper lash line with greens, and do your lower lash line with a green or darker blue liner.

From the runway to the streets, these are great makeup trends to experiment with this year. Browse Pinterest, YouTube tutorials, or beauty and fashion mags for the best ideas and techniques to play up these tried-and-true yet updated looks, and head out looking like a million bucks.

photo credit: Maybelline for Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez on Instagram, Kim Kardshian on Pinterest, Loreal for Cover Shot

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