How to Style Luxury Sneakers with Formal Attire in 2024

How to Style Luxury Sneakers with Formal Attire in 2024

Styling luxury sneakers in 2024 means matching the aesthetics with your formal outfit, while paying attention to details and choosing the best models available. It is simple but still requires some guidance until you figure out the best way to combine designer sneakers with the formal clothes you have.

So, today, we’ll talk about men’s luxury footwear and their potential to easily become a part of their formal attire. Let’s share some practical tips and help you make the best combination:

1. Choosing the Right Sneakers

For formal events, choose sleek and minimalist designs in neutral colors. Usually, white or black are the safest bet, but you can be braver with navy or brown. Luxury materials like suede or leather give the sneakers a more serious appeal. Pay attention to details and avoid large soles, visible logos, and excessive details on the sneakers.

2. Match the Sneakers With Your Outfit

This is the most important part, as not every model fits well with the formal outfit. Still, when wearing sneakers you add some twist to the formal outfit. It’s important to balance proportions, like combining a slim-fitting suit with chunkier sneakers, or a loose-fitting suit with simple footwear. Match the colors too, to create a cohesive look. For example, navy suits go well with brown footwear, while gray suits match great with white sneakers.

3. Make Sure It All Looks Smooth

Wearing an elegant outfit means you can not experiment with sneakers. Formal occasions require a formal approach too. Luckily, designer sneakers have all of it. You only have to keep the accessories minimal, like a thin belt and a simple watch to complete the look. Even more important – be confident, knowing that you matched the suit and sneakers the best way possible.

4. Consider the Occasion

The sneaker choices mostly depend on how formal the occasion is. Semi-formal events allow you to wear even more comfortable sneakers, with elegant trousers and a crisp white shirt. On the other hand, strictly formal events require a more serious approach. It’s important to know the occasion to combine the sneakers with the outfit well.

5. Start With Subtle Combination

It takes time until you learn how to combine sneakers with an elegant outfit. If not sure, start subtly and enhance the looks for every occasion in the future. Choose dark-colored sneakers at the beginning, and match them with the outfit. As time goes by, you’ll get more ideas on how to enhance your looks, without looking like a mess. We suggest you check online for inspiration, so you can find ideas and combinations that incorporate both elegant wear and luxury sneakers.

Sneakers give you the freedom to experiment with formal looks until you find the right combination that matches both the occasion and your personality. It’s important to estimate how formal the event is, so you can combine the right sneakers with your outfit.

So, look for online inspiration, see how others wear it, and find the best possible way to wear sneakers with your formal suit. It’s not impossible, but it requires experience, a sense of style, and a wish to make a statement anywhere you go.


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