Luxury Jersey Reveals Its New Ethic and Sustainable Strategies

Luxury Jersey Reveals Its New Ethic and Sustainable Strategies

Innovative collections with Viroblock treatment, responsive and tailor-made customer service are the heart of the renewed business model of Luxury Jersey,  textile Group with a centennial tradition.

New times call  to new ways of doing business in a fluid and adaptive way: the answer here is with customer service at the center and an innovative anti-virus treatment to be applied to fabrics. Luxury Jersey renews and strengthens its business strategy focusing on helping partners to strategically face the new era of post Covid-19 fashion.

The new Luxury Jersey strategy foresees a focus on specific textile products. First of all, the Group has developed a series of fabrics that respond well to the need for informal elegance, characterized by a very high level of comfort and with the possibility of applying the innovative Viroblock, capable of significantly reducing the transmission of viruses through surface of the clothes. A finishing treatment that is being already met with great interest from brands worldwide.

Luxury Jersey Reveals Its New Ethic and Sustainable Strategies 5 Luxury Jersey Reveals Its New Ethic and Sustainable Strategies 7

The group, direct heir to the activities of the Boselli family, active in the textile sector for more than 400 (!) years in the historic headquarters close to the Como Lake, has adapted its business model and way of operating to the current context, to meet the needs of the international maisons.

Luxury Jersey Reveals Its New Ethic and Sustainable Strategies 9
Federico Boselli, CEO of Luxury Jersey

Another pillar of the new Luxury Jersey strategy is a renewed customer service, designed to adapt to the current requirements of the market, but also intended to provide responsive answers to construction requests and new product compositions, adapting promptly to all new needs of brand partners.

Alongside the development of the products, the guarantee of deliveries even of very small lots of fabric, with exclusive designs and colors is an added value to the service, introduced to allow partners to not give up on their creativity in the presentation of their collections and at the same time to contain costs.

A strategy made possible thanks to the work carried out in a pioneering way by Luxury Jersey for the creation of a production chain made up of partners able to allow the design and production of innovative products dedicated to the luxury market.

Furthermore, since 2015 the Group has been developing sustainable collections, inextricably linked to a corporate ethic that has placed human relationships, the environment and training, also through the relationship with fashion institutes, at the center of their business.

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