Liquor and Beluga in a Split

Liquor and Beluga in a Split
Pictured: Sonia Bruce, co-owner of LiquorSplit

Hey, wait… Did Halle Berry open a wine and spirits delivery service in the Midtown area of Miami, FL during the pandemic? Oh, right that’s Sonia Bruce, a strikingly remarkable substitute for a Bond-girl double in Die Another Day, but in fact, one of the owners of LiquorSplit, the newest, fastest, least expensive and most expediently well-timed alternative to home delivery for alcoholic beverages and other convenience items in Miami proper.

While the shutdown brought some people to the brink of crazy town on the outskirts of mental health canyon, it brought this team lead by CEO, Matt Bruce, to push their on-demand lifestyle, e-commerce agenda faster and harder. Conjured up pre-pandemic, the shutdowns caused by COVID-19 only helped to fuel the concept and allowed it to come to fruition even faster.

With a vast vertical skyline in Miami, high-rise dwellers were especially stuck at home, confined in their multiple-storied condo buildings and apartments, working remotely, having to fret the shared elevators, unable to get alcohol and other convenience items without threat of venturing out to long lines and empty shelves. This allowed for their idea of “lickety-split” liquor delivery and other convenience items to boom exceptionally in vertical settings, especially with their limited-time, complimentary annual Tower Club membership (valued at $99), cleaner and safer deliveries with protocols and the ability for people to reopen their own Club Casas and relax with a cocktail or attend an online mixology class or tasting fully equipped. I mean, TP run and a 12-pack of cold brewski to the rescue.

LiquorSplit boasts an extensive inventory on-hand and a wide selection of beer, wine, spirits and mixers on their website and “coming soon” app with guaranteed lowest prices on these alcoholic beverages, ability to honor most off-list special requests within a day and direct-to-consumer (DTC), door-to-door service with compliant ID check and vetted independently contracted “gig economy” drivers in 30 minutes or less, all for $4.99 per delivery. This service will certainly outlast the pandemic as online grocery and other sales have proven that people seem to prefer the comfort and ease of click and ship.

Pictured Beluga x Midori melon martini with Florida State Manager, Zarko Stankovik, discussing the history of Beluga Noble Russian Vodka in the background
Pictured: Beluga x Midori melon martini with Florida State Manager, Zarko Stankovik, discussing the history of Beluga Noble Russian Vodka in the background
Pictured Beluga Cold Line, equipped with special hammer & brush necessary to uncork it
Pictured: Beluga Cold Line, equipped with special hammer & brush necessary to uncork it

Since they have begun to solidly demonstrate their concept over the last six months, they decided to kick-off more awareness of their service at a very special influencer event on Wednesday, March 10, 2021, hosted by one of their spirit partners, the super-premium Russian vodka brand, Beluga “The Noble Vodka.” Beluga Florida State Manager, Zarko Stankovik, formerly of South Florida superstar somm fame, educated a half dozen or so South Florida lifestyle VIP’s curated by SincerelyMiami to include the likes of DJMadLinxPeanuttandJelly and HoneyImGouda through a tasting of its rich and refined line of vodkas, each with its stunningly designed format, one even with a pomp and grand uncorking ceremony, served to guests as either simple and delicious cocktails or elegantly clean and neat. Beluga vodka is 40% alcohol by volume, yet dangerously smooth. It goes down with shocking ease and absolutely no bite, so consumers beware as it’s just that good.

Pictured Refreshing Beluga raspberry lemonade cocktail
Pictured: Refreshing Beluga raspberry lemonade cocktail
Pictured Charcuterie and cheese boards
Pictured: Charcuterie and cheese boards

The evening began with a mixologist handcrafting a melon martini of Beluga x Midori and a refreshing raspberry lemonade cocktail paired with charcuterie and cheese boards, followed by a background and tasting of the ultra-luxury line of Russian vodkas. Beluga’s main component comes from wells of cold water 1,000 feet under Siberia. It’s triple-filtered and in some cases, quadruple-filtered and then allowed to mature 1 to 3 months depending on the edition. It epitomizes vodka perfection, soft in aroma and flavor. The only thing missing was an actual classic pairing of Beluga vodka with Beluga caviar. That would’ve just taken guests over-the-top. Hint, hint, next time…

Pictured: Beluga Allure and Transatlantic Racing editions
Pictured: Beluga Allure and Transatlantic Racing editions

LiquorSplit is conveniently open Monday to Saturday, 12pm-3am, and the entire line of Beluga Noble Russian Vodka can be found there… Along with mixers… And many other convenience items coming soon. It’s luxury and accessibility at a reasonable price, all-in-one, and they plan to expand in mid-2021 to other cities across Florida with a roll-out to other States around the country scheduled for 2022. Yes, please and cheers to that.


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