Life Span of a Fashion Photo

Life Span of a Fashion Photo

A fashion photograph has a very short life span in most cases. Maybe a few weeks until the next edition comes out. Sometimes an image manages to endure. This is one of those images.

In March of 2008, my friend Rose Leo was producing a fashion show at Mar-a-Lago and enlisted me to shoot it for her and her clients. Following the show one of the models, Jasmine Chavez, was posing for a few snapshots with one of the designers. I joined in to take a few for my portfolio. One thing led to another, Donald Trump stopped by for a minute and gave us permission to shoot around the property.

During this time Christian Iles joined our little group. Now we had a top notch makeup artist, a supermodel, a bunch of designer clothes, and a killer location. We hustled through several spots out of the way of the members and guests getting quite a few good images along the way. As we prepared to shoot in this little black dress Christian was called into the restroom to touch up her makeup. I followed for a few behind the scenes shots.

Many of the images from that afternoon have seen their time come and go. I use a few from time to time but this one image keeps popping up on Facebook. Christian Iles has used this one image as his cover photo several times over the years. I am flattered as Christian has an ultra A list client base and in between these times he posts many killer photos from projects he’s worked but keeps coming back to this one from 2008.

Photography: Robert Swinson, R and J Photography
Model: Jasmine Chavez
Make Up: Christian Iles, Artists + Architects Salon
Event production: Rose Leo
Location: Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, FL

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