Explore LG’s Latest Cruise-Ready Digital Signage Solutions at Seatrade Cruise Global 2024

Explore LG’s Latest Cruise-Ready Digital Signage Solutions

LG Business Solutions USA is transforming the cruise industry by introducing its comprehensive range of cruise-ready digital signage solutions at the Seatrade Cruise Global 2024, hosted in Miami Beach Convention Center. This showcase will feature innovative TVs, digital signage, and direct-view LED (DVLED) displays, all tailored to enhance cruise guest experiences.

Enhancing Guest Experiences with Advanced Technology

Jacob Benner, the senior hospitality sales director at LG Business Solutions USA, emphasizes the company’s role as a leader in the hospitality industry’s in-room entertainment sector. Digital displays are designed not just to meet but exceed the expectations of guests and ship owners. By integrating cutting-edge display technologies throughout cruise ships, operators can offer unique entertainment services, optimize space utilization, and elevate the overall guest experience. This includes outdoor movie nights, personalized in-room entertainment, and interactive touchscreens.

The DVLED Zone Highlight: Robust and Bright Displays for Outdoor Enjoyment

One of the main attractions at LG’s exhibition is the DVLED Zone, showcasing the sea-ready outdoor DVLED display (model GNEB), perfect for any outdoor entertainment needs. Whether it’s for massive screens broadcasting live sports or blockbuster movies, these displays are equipped with marine-grade protective coatings and robust IP67 protection against the elements. The technology is built to withstand corrosion and offers adjustable brightness up to 6,000 nits, ensuring outstanding picture quality even under direct sunlight. Available in 6.25mm or 8.33mm pixel pitches, these displays provide flexibility and ease of maintenance, meeting various operational needs and creative demands.

Exploring New Visual Technologies

Visitors to the LG booth will have the opportunity to experience the Ultra Slim DVLED signage displays, which feature pixel pitches as low as 1.5mm. Additionally, innovative Transparent Color LED Film offers a glimpse into the future of digital displays. This technology can transform any glass surface into a vibrant digital display without blocking visibility, opening up new possibilities for creative and engaging visual presentations.

All-in-One Solutions for High-Traffic Areas

LG’s 136-inch All-in-One DVLED display, which is seamlessly integrated with the webOS™ smart platform and includes built-in speakers, stands out as a major attraction, perfectly suited for atriums and other high-traffic areas on cruise ships. This innovative solution offers a smart, all-encompassing setup that significantly enhances spaces where travelers congregate, delivering both entertainment and information effortlessly. Its large scale and vivid clarity ensure that every passenger can enjoy crisp, clear visuals from anywhere in the area, making it an essential feature for any cruise operator looking to elevate the guest experience with high-tech amenities.

Elevating the Stateroom Experience

In the In-Cabin Zone, LG demonstrates how its line of 4K Ultra HD cabin TVs, equipped with the webOS smart platform, can cater to various room sizes and preferences. These TVs range from 22 to 55 inches and enable the deployment of custom welcome messages and videos, adding a personalized touch to guest accommodations.

Enhancing Public Spaces with Versatile Digital Signage

  • Versatile Displays for Unique Spaces
    The Public Space Signage Zone features a range of innovative displays including LG’s 86-inch ultra-wide and 37-inch “Stretch” displays, which are perfect for maximizing space in columns and hallways. The 55-inch touchscreen, useful for information dissemination and interactive entertainment, and standout 55-inch Transparent OLED display, which revolutionizes customer service desks with see-through screens, are also on display.
  • Interactive and Informative Digital Solutions
    LG’s kiosk with a 27-inch touchscreen offers a standalone solution for information access, check-in processes, and ticketing for events, enhancing operational efficiency and guest service. Additionally, the 75- and 110-inch 4K displays emphasize the vibrancy and clarity of high-quality content, making them ideal for impactful public signage.

Supporting Sustainable Initiatives

Furthering its commitment to sustainability, LG is introducing advanced electric vehicle charging stations. These owner-operated chargers allow cruise brands to enter the EV charging market independently, setting their rates and meeting local demands without relying on third-party services.

LG Business Solutions USA continues to lead the way in redefining cruise ship entertainment and guest engagement with its advanced, sustainable technology solutions. As the industry evolves, LG remains at the forefront, offering innovative products that enhance the cruising experience and contribute to a sustainable future. Attendees of Seatrade Cruise Global 2024 will witness firsthand how LG’s latest offerings are making waves in the cruise industry.

For more information and continuous updates, visit LG’s official website and follow their journey on social media as they innovate and elevate cruise ship entertainment and guest experiences.

About LG Business Solutions USA

The LG Electronics USA Business Solutions division caters to commercial clients across various U.S. sectors, including lodging, hospitality, digital signage, systems integration, healthcare, education, government, and industrial markets. Operating from Lincolnshire, Illinois, this division is equipped with a dedicated engineering and customer support team. Business Solutions USA is committed to providing customized business-to-business technology solutions that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of different business environments. As an eleven-time ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year, LG Electronics USA Inc., headquartered in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, is the North American branch of LG Electronics Inc., a global leader with over $60 billion in annual revenues, spanning consumer electronics, home appliances, air solutions, and vehicle components. For more information, please visit www.LGSolutions.com.


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