Lewis Miller Design 2

Lewis Miller Design 2

The ground has at last stirred from its wintry slumber. Regardless of the season however, esteemed floral and event designer Lewis Miller is in constant demand. Apart from calls to stage well-heeled galas and fund raisers, there are entreaties from couples aspiring to march into wedded bliss across an elegant yet lushly romantic tableau for which he has become synonymous. To regard Mr. Miller’s work is to apprehend the truly sublime. There is consummate sophistication in the way he meticulously composes flowers, plants and their vessels into seemingly unbridled profusion. His fondness for art, specifically for the Flemish and Italian masters, is writ large on his designs, rich as they are with painterly details and lavish strokes of light and color.


While not for him the austere or static arrangement, no flower is truly out of favor. Mr. Miller admits, however, to being partial to roses and French anemones, as well as shape shifters like hyacinths and tulips, which continue to grow once they are cut. His designs also thrive on curvilinear sweet peas, hellebores and passionflowers, with unruly tendrils to suggest movement, and agave or black pussy for added textural dimension. Beyond breathtaking centerpieces, he conceives the entirety of an event’s design aspects from décor, china and cutlery, all the way to uniforms of the wait staff, ensuring everything adheres to a coherent mood.


Mr. Miller attributes his fascination for horticulture to growing up in his family’s Modesto CA peach orchards where dry summers and mild, moist winters are conducive to growing practically everything from roses and olives to Chinese pistachios. Relocation to Columbia Valley WA provided him with the opportunities to study horticulture and landscape design and eventually start an event planning business. Intent on narrowing his sights to floral and event design, he pulled up stakes once more and headed for New York. After briefly working as head designer for one of the city’s leading floral boutiques, he opened Lewis Miller Design in 2002. His arrival would challenge New York’s conventional inclination toward stark, architectural arrangements. In turn, his new home (and even Europe by way of proximity) would imbue the robust and impetuous exuberance of his designs with a refined polish. Today, Mr. Miller has a flourishing roster of clients that include Vogue, Bergdorf Goodman, Chanel, Bulgari, Carolina Herrera, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Images Courtesy of Lewis Miller Design

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