Leanne Marshall Fall 2024 at New York Fashion Week

Leanne Marshall Fall 2024 at New York Fashion Week

This season, Leanne Marshall combined her passion for fashion design and figure skating in a spectacular show for her Fall 2024 collection, right on the ice at Bryant Park, Manhattan. Known for her love of the sport, Marshall often starts her day gliding on the ice before heading to her design studio.

Bryant Park isn’t just another location for Marshall; it’s where her New York City fashion journey began 15 years ago with her victorious Project Runway showcase. Returning to the park, this time on ice, felt like a full-circle moment for her, blending past inspirations with her current love for skating.

Marshall’s idea was sparked by her own experiences of wearing her designs while skating, enjoying the way the fabrics moved with her on the ice. This led to the unique concept of her Fall 2024 show: having professional skaters wear her collection and bring the garments to life through their movements, not for competition, but to capture the joy and freedom of skating in beautiful attire.

Leanne Marshall Fall 2024 at New York Fashion Week

For this collection, Marshall initially focused on creating garments that interacted with the skaters’ movements in precise ways. However, she soon realized that the true magic lay in the spontaneous joy of movement, leading her to collaborate with professional skaters. This collaboration aimed to blend fashion with the art of skating, highlighting the playfulness and joy in both.

The event saw seven skaters bringing their energy and flair to the ice, adorned in Marshall’s designs. The skaters’ enthusiasm was palpable, with each one relishing the chance to express themselves through the combination of their skating and Marshall’s flowing elegant garments. The visual spectacle exceeded even Marshall’s expectations, with the skaters fully immersed in the joy of the moment.

Marshall’s innovative show not only brought a fresh perspective to her designs but also reignited her passion for fashion design. She shared how the industry had left her feeling disconnected and burnt out. However, this unique fusion of fashion and skating reminded her of the true purpose of her work: to create pieces that bring happiness and a sense of play to people’s lives.

Leanne Marshall’s Fall 2024 presentation in Bryant Park was more than just a fashion show; it was a celebration of creativity, joy, and the unexpected places inspiration can take us.


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