Lakeith Stanfield Covers CR Men Issue 7

Lakeith Stanfield covers CR Men Issue 7


First CR Men Issue under Editorial and Creative Director, Patrik Sandberg

On Newsstands September 13th

Lakeith Stanfield covers CR Men Issue 7

CR Fashion Book re-brands its men’s magazine as CR Men, featuring our generations next big film star, Lakeith Stanfield on its cover for Issue 7. The cover was photographed by Roe Ethridge and styled by Haley Wollens. This marks the first issue under the editorial and creative direction of Patrik Sandberg.

Issue 7 of CR Men approaches the anachronous phantoms of Hollywood and entertainment from a contemporary cultural standpoint. Contemplating whether cinema is dying or has never been more exciting, Sandberg comes to the realization that instead, entertainment is constantly evolving.

The pages of Issue 7 capture what society makes of this new stream of consciousness and who is managing to break through the noise whether it’s on an iPhone screen or the big screen. This issue highlights the dominant conversations in Hollywood in a story told by Director Penelope Spheeris, the next generations of streaming stars including Jahking GuilloryMiles Heizer, and Alex Hibbert alongside features on actors such as James Van der BeekJeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and Jimmi Simpson. Bibi Cornejo Borthwick and Tom Van Dorpe interpret the casting process by juxtaposing fantasies of street fashion with stripped down suiting while Presley Gerber goes KABOOM! with the help of the ACME-obsessed photographer, David Brandon Geeting and stylist Natasha Newman-Thomas.

“I was honored to be approached by Carine Roitfeld to take the editorial and creative reins of her men’s book – her sense of adventure, her humor, and her willingness to think outside the box are both refreshing and incredibly inspiring,” says Patrik Sandberg, CR Men Editorial and Creative Director. “At a time when the American print industry is at a turning point, it is important for us to demonstrate the unending creative potential of magazine editorial.”

Roitfeld and Sandberg are pleased to present a new direction for CR Men that features art direction by Zan Goodman and Aoife Wasser, and a new logo designed by Aaron Lowell Denton.

Visit today to pre-order CR Men Issue 7 and be among the first to receive it when it ships in September. The issue will be on stands September 13th.

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CR Fashion Book, is the source for the latest fashion trends, beauty tips, celebrity news, and more from the creative mind of Carine Roitfeld. CR Fashion Book, now part of CR Fashion Book Ltd. led by president, Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld. Hearst Magazines Digital Media is CR Fashion Book’s digital publishing partner.

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Issue hits stands: September 13, 2018


On being tired of being called “weird”:

“It implies that there is such thing as being normal and that I’m deviating from it. I just think we haven’t seen enough black men who express themselves in a certain way. I’m not special, I just express myself. I think if more people did that, we would see how beautiful we all can be.”

On comedy Sorry to Bother You:

“I didn’t think [my life] would be different for a while, right up until the film was about to be released locally, in L.A. I looked up at the billboards and said, ‘Welp, that’s my face, so I guess this is my movie.”

On different projects:

“I situate myself in projects that may go one way or the other, a lot of the time. I’m drawn to things that challenge me or that can challenge an audience. Also, there is an increasing space for black voices to explore many caveats and aspects of what it means to be black, and that’s exciting to me. So when something like that springs up, like [the idea of putting on] a white voice in Something to Bother You, that’s something we’ve been talking about forever, but we’ve never really had a platform the say it!”

On newfound success:

“Things have opened up for me quite a bit. There are some interesting things I’m thinking about moving forward with that I’m very excited about, projects that would be very very challenging for me. But that’s the thing I want to do is challenge myself. If I crash and burn, I want everyone to still believe in me, and think I’ve got something left. There are a lot of different perspectives now. I have a movie called Someone Great with Gina Rodriguez that’s coming out. It’s a romantic comedy but a beautiful take and a unique perspective. The things I’m diving into now, which I wish I could talk about, are so crazy. It’s getting much much better.”


On what drew him to Pose:

“I heard what the world was before I heard what the character was, and the fact that these people and this section of society were going to get a platform and a voice, I just wanted to be a part of it.”

On how TV has changed since Dawson’s Creek:

“Twenty years ago, if you tried to do something about the trans community, they’d be played by cisgender actors. There would be something missing. And it just wouldn’t be interesting.”


On why superhero stories are more relevant than ever:

“I think some would say they’re escapism. But also, now is the time to dream. You can be anything you want to be.”

On stories he would like to see more of:

“Anything that comes out of a crazy mind. Now is not the time to be safe. Art should be dangerous.”


On navigating being openly LGBT in Hollywood:

“I recognized very quickly that when I wasn’t being myself, I wasn’t giving anything of value, and when I was unapologetically myself, that’s when people were drawn to me. By being myself, I gave other people permission to be themselves as well. So I discovered very early on the power of authenticity, and when I stray from that, I only hurt myself.


Photographer: Roe Ethridge (cover)

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