Katie Sands is HonestlyKate

Social Media Fashion Influencer, HonestlyKate, talks to us about her latest collab with PhatBudda

Katie Sands Interview
Katie Sands

Social media guru, Katie Sands (HonestlyKate), is an entrepreneur and sets a great example on how to be a girl boss in the city that never sleeps. Her trendsetting style and love for food and wellness has inspired her to create a blog in which she calls “HonestlyKate.” She expresses her true authentic self for all her followers that can relate.

“I enjoy telling a story thru clothing.” Katies passion for fashion started when she attended college in Richmond, Virginia studying theater production and communication. The triple threat college student later moved back home to New York City and fell in love with the idea of costume designing, “Once I knew I loved telling a story thru clothes, that’s when I started my blog.” With hard work and dedication to her blog, she has thrived to educate others on fashion tips, become an Amazon Live Style Host, and attend New York’s best fashion events such as New York Fashion Week.

When creating her blog, Katie knew she did not want it to be her full name. She wanted something special that meant something to her and that could mean something to her followers. “I wanted to bring an authentic view to the space. That is when I decided to call it HonestlyKate, it shows my true self and all the things I truly love to do anywhere I go.”

Katie Sands

With over 275 k followers on her social media platforms, Katie has influenced positivity and overall self-love in her community. She is all about embracing everyone’s unique beauty with fashion, no matter what body size you are. Katie has become inspired during this pandemic on engaging with her followers and creating an athleisure line in collab with PhatBudda.

“This was the beginning of the pandemic when corona was just announced, I knew people were not going to wear real clothing at home. That’s when I thought of designing athleisure wear.” Katie has always admired PhatBudda, but learning more about the philosophy of the company really inspired her to collaborate with them. With the help of her followers she easily created this athleisure line within five months.

Katie created polls on her Instagram and let her followers pick everything, from the colors, to the style of bras and pants. Her motto is embracing all body types with creating her line, for example one of her co-creators has scoliosis, so it was important to get the right fabric style and fit. For the most part, all of her designs are a subtle embossed leopard print look. Also, if Katie wasn’t sweet enough, she named every piece of her collection after women in her family.

Katie Sands

After receiving such positive feedback from her collection, she decided to pay it forward to The JED Foundation. Katie is donating all the proceeds to The JED Foundation for mental health awareness. “My collection and a lot of my work on social media is all about mental health awareness advocacy.” Katie always knew she wanted to donate the proceeds to a right partner. During the pandemic, everyone is going through their own struggles and mental health needs to be addressed.

Her athleisure line launches during the first week of September and November. After finishing her line, she does have plans on doing different beauty collaborations. When asked to provide advice for her younger audience who want to start their own blog, Katie shares, “If you want something – just ask it. The worst thing anyone is going to say is no.” It is super important to stay true to yourself and post for you and not for followers. We are excited to see more collaborations from HonestlyKate.

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