KAI Returns With New EP And Single, “Rover”


KAI Returns With New EP And Single, "Rover"

World-class performer and style icon KAI returns with his third mini-album, Rover, via SM Entertainment [AVAILABLE HERE]. Watch the music video for “Rover” HERE.

Having established his sonic signature with alluring R&B and atmospheric pop mid-tempos on his previous solo EPs KAI and Peaches, this new six-track EP showcases a broader spectrum of the K-Pop star’s musicality, drawing on hip-hop, R&B, and rhythmic pop sounds.

Title track “Rover” is a crisp, rhythmic dance track featuring a heavy 808 bass and marimba percussions. It hears KAI effortlessly slide between ice-cool spoken word verses and sweet, melodic harmonies. The song – which is a remake of “Mr. Rover” by Bulgarian pop singer DARA – describes a wanderer who lives freely after breaking away from expectations placed by others.

The EP balances moments of rumination with lighter, more immediate up-tempos that serve as a reminder to enjoy life. The hip-hop R&B track “Black Mirror” questions modern society’s reliance on social media using the symbol of a black mirror to represent a switched-off display screen.

The dance track “Bomba,” featuring rhythmic reggaeton beats, is an instantly infectious treat with lyrics encouraging listeners to forget all that is complicated and freely enjoy the moment.

Complex and tender love songs are the emotional core of Rover“Say You Love Me” shows a more intense side, expressing the desire to hear direct words of affirmation from a lover.

The pop stunner “Sinner” hears KAI sing about his desire to be trapped in a love where both joy and pain can coexist while the elegant R&B soul track “Slidin’” details the sudden and overwhelming sensation of falling in love.

To accompany the EP, KAI will release FILM: KAI on 20 March with performance highlights of songs from Rover, further showcasing his strengths as a world-class performer.

Debuting in 2012, KAI is best known as a member of multi-award-winning K-Pop trailblazers EXO and has also performed as part of SuperM, SM Entertainment’s chart-topping supergroup.

The singer, dancer, actor, and style icon was named one of Rolling Stone’s “25 Most Stylish Musicians,” and has been hailed by British GQ as “the world’s best-dressed K-pop star.” He has been appointed global brand ambassador for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent Beauty.

EXO – comprising of SUHO, XIUMIN, BAEKHYUN, CHEN, KAI, D.O., SEHUN and CHANYEOL – is expected to reunite for their 11th anniversary this year, marking their first release since 2021’s Don’t Fight The Feeling EP.


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