James Suckling – Great Wines of the World – New York

James Suckling - Great Wines of The World - New York
James Suckling with Michelle Cote

James Suckling, one of the most recognized and revered wine critics globally, continues to champion and navigate the world of wines through his tireless endeavor to inspire, educate, and promote fine wine culture. In recent years, Suckling’s Great Wines of the World (GWOTW) events have become synonymous with high-quality wine tastings, giving wine enthusiasts an opportunity to engage with and explore some of the world’s most celebrated vintages. This year, New York played host to this prestigious event.

For those unfamiliar with the man at the helm, James Suckling is a veritable encyclopedia of wine knowledge, amassing over four decades of experience in the wine industry. He was a long-time Senior Editor and European Bureau Chief of Wine Spectator and in 2010 co-founded his eponymous wine media platform, JamesSuckling.com. His articulate wine reviews, objective scoring system, and charismatic personality have earned him respect and recognition from all corners of the wine world.

The Great Wines of the World event in New York is an exceptional journey into the intricacies and charms of the wine universe. Suckling handpicks each participating winery, ensuring only the best-in-class producers grace the event. The selection spans all key wine-producing regions, including Italy, France, Australia, the United States, Spain, Argentina, and Chile, to name a few. Such a range ensures an exquisite mix of both old-world and new-world wines, with selections sure to appease every palate, from the novice taster to the seasoned wine connoisseur.

Great Wines of the World - New York Wine Festival

One of the key highlights of the New York event was the Grand Tasting. Here, guests sampled over 200 top-rated wines, each with a score of 90 points or above per Suckling’s robust rating system. This portion of the event was an unrivaled tasting experience, allowing attendees to not only sip and savor but also engage directly with winemakers and proprietors, deepening their understanding of the wine creation process. The Great Wines of the World event in New York also provided a platform for networking with fellow wine lovers, industry professionals, and sommeliers. The conversations and connections made during these events often last long after the wine has been poured, further fostering a vibrant, global community of wine appreciation.

In conclusion, James Suckling’s Great Wines of the World event in New York was a wonderful celebration of the global wine community. It is a testament to Suckling’s relentless pursuit of sharing the world of fine wines, marked by his immense knowledge, passion, and dedication. Whether you are a wine professional or an enthusiast looking to deepen your understanding, this event was a rewarding and enlightening experience.


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