Jaden Smith, Issa Rae, Adam Rippon and Lilly Singh speak at the WeWork Global Summit 2019

Jaden Smith, Issa Rae, Adam Rippon and Lilly Singh speak at the WeWork Global Summit 2019

Jaden SmithIssa RaeAdam Rippon and Lilly Singh spoke at the WeWork Global Summit 2019 at the Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles. The WeWork Global Summit programming includes conversations and panel discussions with creators, innovators, experts and leaders from various industries, each with their own unique stories and insights.

I’m select images attached and links to download additional images below as well as quotes from artist, entrepreneur and activist Jaden Smith on just Impact, his environmentally-inclined non-profit funded by his brand JUST Water and their initiative to surrounding the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Quote on just Impact’s initiative on the water crisis in Flint, Michigan:

“We’re running a pilot program in Flint, Michigan, where we are putting in a reverse osmosis filtration system that is going to be able to purify 10 gallons of water every 60 seconds. In Flint, they continue to use 3 million bottles of water every year. Instead of having to outsource (all that water), we said, ‘let’s create something for you here where you can pump your own clean water, in your community.’ I’d been seeing them struggle for so long, and I asked ‘why isn’t someone doing something about this’. Ultimately, what I’m trying to do is to help people around the world.” – Jaden Smith.

Quote on Jaden’s affinity with WeWork:

“I love spaces like WeWork because when you go in there and you look around the glass, the person you might be looking to hire might in there right now. I can go to all these cities around the world and I need a space that is very familiar, I know the type of people that are going to work there based on what the brand is. I like going to WeWork and talking over ideas with friends or designing clothes. It’s important to work within the community and bounce ideas off each other creatively.”

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