Is a Crew Neck Shirt Appropriate for Business Casual Events?

Is a Crew Neck Shirt Appropriate for Business Casual Events?

While most men have crew neck shirts in their wardrobe, many aren’t sure exactly when and where to wear them. After all, crew necks are known for being some of the most versatile necklines available that you can dress up or down.

But does this mean you can wear a crew neck shirt to business casual events?

Well, that really depends. There are times when a crew neck shirt would work well in a business casual outfit, but there are other times when they aren’t the most appropriate pick.

Below, we’ll explain what business casual is, what to wear to a business casual event, and whether or not crew necks, like the ones you can find on Fresh Clean Threads, are a great option for this dress code.

What Is Business Casual?

Business casual is a confusing and complicated type of dress code. This dress code doesn’t have a proper definition or exact items of clothing you should wear. Instead, the only way people describe business casual is that it’s a type of dress code that isn’t as formal as regular business attire but isn’t as relaxed as casual attire.

Confusing, right?

There are many people that are left baffled by the business casual dress code and have to dive into their wardrobe to try different clothes to try and fit the dress code. So, let’s look at how most people dress up for business casual events to give you a rough idea of where to start when styling yourself for a business casual event.

What to Wear to a Business Casual Event?

A go-to option for business casual events is a collared shirt, dark pants or khakis, and nice leather shoes with mid-length socks. These are the typical clothing options that men choose for business casual events. Another option is a nice collared shirt and your best pair of dark blue jeans, but that largely depends on the event.

The thing about business casual dress codes is that they can be ambiguous. It’s hard to determine exactly what people mean when they say business casual. However, one thing you can keep in mind is that this dress code doesn’t mean “anything goes’, so you still have to put some thought and consideration into how to dress neatly and presentably.

Can I Wear a Crew Neck Shirt to Business Casual Events?

While there are some business casual events that accept non-collared shirts, most events require you to wear a collared shirt. So, your favorite crew neck tee shirt may not be the best option if you want to dress business casual.

However, this doesn’t mean that crew necks are banned at business casual events.

You can definitely wear business casual pullovers and jumpers over your collared shirts and still adhere to the dress code. This is great for cold weather events and for times when you want to further elevate your style by adding another layer to your outfit.

Is a Crew Neck Shirt Appropriate for Business Casual Events?

How to Style a Crew Neck for Business Casual Outfits

If you want to wear a crew neck to a business casual event, you need to be using a pullover. Regular crew neck tees aren’t appropriate for most business casual events. So, it would be best to wear a nice collared shirt with dark-tailored pants and leather shoes for business casual events. And if you really want to wear a crew neck to these events, the best you can do is a crew neck pullover that you wear over the collared shirt.


A typical crew neck tee shirt won’t be the best option for business casual events. This is because most business casual events require men to wear a collared shirt, and crew necks aren’t that. However, you can opt for a crew neck pullover on top of your collared shirt to keep yourself warm and elevate your outfit a bit more.


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