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We had the opportunity to interview Justin Morelli after his latest song release “Stay All Night” off his upcoming EP “Bed Time Stories. Checkout our Q&A with Justin and the “Stay All Night” music video:


1. You recently released your first song off of your debut EP, called “Stay All Night.” Tell us about the inspiration behind the song and EP as a whole.

“Stay All Night” is one chapter that’s a part of a bigger story. I wrote the EP as a way of expressing my experiences, I feel like everyone can relate to being in a relationship with someone that isn’t willing to fully commit, that’s what “Stay All Night” is about. I hope my fans are able to relate to each of the experiences and use my songs as the same type of outlet. As I continue to release the other songs and videos from my EP, my fans will start to experience the true meaning behind “Bed Time Stories.”

2. Speaking of videos, the lyrics of “Stay All Night” tells a really in depth story. What will your fans learn from the release of your music video for it?

I’m really excited for my audience to see the direction that the EP is going in. We have a few surprises and I think the release of the music video for “Stay All Night,” is just the tip of the iceberg. The video is a visual interpretation of the song and really brings the lyrics to life. It’s an emotional rollercoaster between two people in a relationship trying to figure things out.

3. What was the creative process behind the music video?

My creative process began with trying to tell the story of the song in a way that would make the audience feel like they were going through it at the same time. Mills, who directed the video, came to me with a concept for it, which I thought was a really cool way idea of what I was going through when I wrote the song. When we had a chance to meet up and discuss, we instantly connected and were able to bounce off of each other for the video to come to life.

4. Will each song off of the EP have a music video?

Not all of them but the majority will!

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5. What can fans expect for the future of Bed Time Stories?

Fans can expect a lot of great music, told through my personal experiences. I feel like my audience is really going to enjoy the music because it’s based on experiences that I think a lot of people have been through.

6. When can we anticipate the EP in its entirety?

I wanted the EP to be told in chapters like a book, the songs will be released every other week with their music videos releasing in the week to follow. Each song tells a part of a larger story, by releasing the tracks one by one I felt it gave my listeners the opportunity to take the journey with me. Listeners can expect to be able to listen to the full EP in about 12 weeks.

7. How do you think listeners will be able to relate to your music?

I think that everyone experiences relationship differently but we all experience similar emotions which becomes difficult when things stop going our way and I wanted to tell that story. I feel like a lot of artists make sad music when they’ve gone through bad situations, which is cool, but I wanted to kind of give that me against the world attitude, which I feel my music has. Just because something bad or sad happened doesn’t mean that I have to be sad about it, I can be positive about the situation for myself and use it as fuel. That’s what my music does. It’s fuel for my audience to bounce back from their problems just like I do.

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8. What were some of the challenges in telling your story?

My biggest challenge was definitely getting all of my thoughts and experiences into the music. There are so many things going on in my life personally and I wanted to share that with the audience.

9. Where can fans go to watch the video?

All of my music and videos are hosted on my website (, but fans can also see more on my Instagram (@justin.morelli) and my Youtube page (

10. What would you leave the readers with before they watch the music video below?

I would thank them for beginning to take this journey with me. As I said before, the release of “Stay All Night” is just the tip of the iceberg and I’m excited for my audience to get to know me better.

Stay All Night (Official Video)
Taken from the upcoming EP Bedtime Stories

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Music video by Justin Morelli
Directed by Mills Miller


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