Interview With Natasha Waterman

Interview With Natasha Waterman

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Natasha Waterman of NA Waterman. During a trip to the Cayman Islands in 2003, Natasha Waterman couldn’t find any unique pieces of jewelry that matched the wardrobe she was taking on her trip—so she eventually decided that she would make her own.

“I just love wearing jewelry with my swimsuits,” says Waterman. “One day, it just dawned on me that I could make the exact type of jeweled pieces I was looking for and I did just that. All of the jeweled pieces are designed and handmade by me. I am passionate about fashion and I absolutely love jewelry. I believe that a great piece of jeweled accessory completes any outfit or look.”

N.A. Waterman Eye Catching Jewelry is a full-service jewelry business that makes handcrafted jewelry for almost every part of the body, including stylish foot pieces (barefoot sandals) that are perfect for the beach, hand jewelry, head bands, hair clips, and more.

Natasha Waterman
Natasha Waterman

Can you share with us your background and the background behind NA Waterman? 

I went to College with the intent of becoming a Corporate Attorney. I work in the corporate world negotiating contracts.  I’ve however always had a love for fashion, especially jewelry.  N A Waterman came about after a trip to the Cayman Islands.  I wanted unique pieces to wear with my outfits, most importantly my swimwear.  I’m one of those women that it’s all about looking fashionable on the beach.  After family members and friends saw my photos, they wanted me to create jewelry pieces for them.  I then decided that other people may want to wear my pieces as well and decided to create N A Waterman.

unique pieces of jewelry

What is the brand’s vision behind the NA Waterman brand?

The brand’s vision is to create jeweled pieces that are of great quality, but affordable for every budget.

What do you think makes the NA Waterman Brand stand out? Can you share a story?

The N A Waterman brand stands out because every piece of jewelry is handmade.

I had a customer from Bermuda getting married and wanted Barefoot Sandals for her bridesmaids.  The bride and a few of her bridesmaids came to NJ and I had the opportunity to have a consultation with the bride to personalize the Barefoot Sandals.  This is what makes N A Waterman stand out.  It isn’t a cookie cutter jewelry brand.  We love to have our customers feel that each piece is made specifically for them.

NA Waterman

Is the brand working on any exciting new projects now?

Yes, the N A Waterman brand is working on everyday pieces under the name Adrian Ann.  We are also working on candles.  I’m obsessed with candles.  I’m working on some unique scents in my line.

Where do you see the NA Waterman brand going in the future?

I see the N A Waterman brand expanding from a small business to a household name.  I want to be able to create opportunities for others to be part of the NA Waterman brand and also profit from it.

How can our readers connect with you and NA Waterman on Social Media?

Readers can connect with me on Instagram at my business IG @nawaterman_eyecatching or my personal IG at @nawaterman.

I also have a contact page on my blog at

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