Interview With Coach and Motivational Speaker Craig Siegel

Interview With Coach and Motivational Speaker Craig Siegel

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Entrepreneur, Coach and Motivational Speaker Craig Siegel. Craig Siegel, founder of Cultivate Lasting Symphony, is a value-based speaker whose combination of energy, motivation, inspiration and authenticity has led him to recognition by such outlets as Entrepreneur, MSN and Yahoo Finance. Entrepreneur David Meltzer called him the next ‘Gary Vee’ because of his unique ability to help people live their best lives by using the tools and techniques that he’s cultivated for over a decade. Craig facilitates breakthroughs for clients and students worldwide in all areas of life by revamping their mindset. His mantra is this, “people are not broken, but their frames often are”. He redesigns their map of the world, and thus, changes their world. By expanding your map, you expand what’s possible for you in life. Craig always had an unparalleled, effective ability to communicate with people to make them want to fulfill their potential. To make them want to overachieve. To know that the ending of their story has not been written yet

Interview With Coach and Motivational Speaker Craig Siegel

Can you share with us your background and your career? 

My background consists of a combination of Finance and Entrepreneurship. Although I landed on Wall Street after college, Entrepreneurship and my creativity were always lurking close behind. Eventually I left Wall Street and started another business in a new industry. Although challenging and lucrative as well, it was missing one key component, it didn’t set my soul on fire. What does it for me is as follows, helping people understand and fulfill their potential. So when the pandemic happened, I went all in with my purpose to help people. I combined that with my Entrepreneurial spirit and I began what the world would now know as Cultivate Lasting Symphony, and the rest as they say, is history.

Can you share with our readers how you started your company and the mission behind it?

When the pandemic hit, it gave me something I haven’t had in over a decade, a moment to reflect. And I didn’t like the path I was heading down. I saw mediocracy. I saw complacency. I saw average. And what hit me was this, I’ve always had an unparalleled effective ability to communicate with people to make them want to fulfill their potential. To make them want to overachieve. To make people want to succeed in all facets of life. And when the pandemic hit and I had that moment, I decided the responsibility was mine to help inspire the world and show each and every person what they’re truly capable of.

Cultivate Lasting Symphony is a movement. It represents hope, faith, transformation, and progress. Ironically enough, even though it’s a play on my initials, CLS, it was never about Craig. It is about spreading a light so bright, other planets see it. It represents manufacturing breakthroughs in all facets of life. It’s about getting that edge that lasts forever. Simply put, Cultivate Lasting Symphony is about getting on absolute fire for life.

If you could go back and talk to your younger self what you tell him and why?

Very simple. I would highly suggest finding a mentor, someone that could guide you and be a compass for you as you navigate this unpredictable world and areas where you may not have much experience. I know my life changed drastically when I put my ego aside and made the most important bet of my life, on myself. I worked with a mentor, I studied the mindset, and most importantly, I was able to cultivate tools and techniques that I kept with me for the rest of my life. The best thing about having a mentor is that you can learn from their wisdom and experience so you can minimize potential setbacks.

Are you working on any exciting new projects now? 

What am I not working on? Right now, I can’t say too much, but I’m filming Season 1 of my new show which will be streaming at the end of April to the reach of 150 million homes worldwide. In addition, I’m also launching my next Mastermind group coaching program which will be launching at the end of April.

Where do you see yourself and your career going in this new year and in the future?

I say this as humbly as I possibly can, my vision forecasts more of the CLS explosion. I want to be able to reach billions of lives and revamp mindsets across the globe. I’m very humbled and happy with the rise since inception, but trust me when I tell you, we’re just getting warmed up.

How can our readers connect with you on Social Media?

Instagram: @CraigSiegel_CLS 

YouTube Channel: Craig Siegel

Facebook Group: Cultivate Lasting Symphony


And my personal favorite, The CLS Experience, wherever you listen to Podcasts.

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