Interview With Chris Wisniewski, Credit Repair Expert

Interview With Chris Wisniewski, Credit Repair Expert


I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Wisniewski, a Credit Repair Expert

Chris’ career started in 1989 and by 2006 he started a successful credit coaching company Select Us — After more than 30 years of helping thousands of people in the credit and financial field he was able to turn his childhood pain and hurt into something positive, helping so many along the way. Not only does he bring a wealth of knowledge and incredible skill set to the table, he can also relate to people on a personal and business level. Empathy is one of Chris’s best qualities. Like himself, he understands people that go through challenging times and the raw emotion that it can cause but, he also understands the need for relentless drive to fix any situation. You can often hear him saying “You have two choices – you can either let the pain and hurt control you and stay in a negative state OR you can turn that pain and hurt into fuel and use it in a positive way to succeed”

Can you share with us your background and your career?

I started my career in credit coaching in 1989. In 2006 I opened my own company, Select US, where I have helped thousands of consumers repair and rebuild their credit.  My interest in the field stemmed from my childhood and not having financial security . I was able to turn my pain into a passion to motivate people to help themselves and fix circumstances that can be out of their control.  Not only can I offer my knowledge of the credit repair industry, I can relate to challenging times everyone suffers from- I lived through them.  I am a perfect example that anyone can succeed.

Can you share with our readers how you started your company and the mission behind it?

As I mentioned before, Select Us was created because I saw a hole in the financial industry.  Thirty years ago, no-one spoke of bad credit- it was very embarrassing.  But, it affects over 60 million Americans.  It impacts huge life factors, like the ability to qualify for a mortgage or finance a car. But, it also impacts daily life, causing stress and anxiety. I’m able to step in, offer a voice of reason, a plan to rebuild and the emotional support a consumer in this crisis needs.

What should people look out for when choosing a credit repair company?

Unfortunately, not only is the industry flooded with non reputable credit repair companies, but now the influence of social media has taken over causing even more confusion.  The issue is that most of the programs don’t work because no-one is TEACHING about credit.  Credit can be repaired but more importantly, establishing good habits and learning about how credit works is really the most beneficial part to a consumer.

During the pandemic many people lost their jobs and livelihood, how did your company adapt and pivot during this time to what it is today?

Even prior to the pandemic, my clients are often hit with a curve ball they didn’t see coming, maybe an illness or divorce. They usually have a financial obstacle that they need to overcome. And then the pandemic hit, like you said many lost their jobs.  Then, more than ever, more people needed my help and were faced with even more hardships than before.  I wanted to provide an affordable way for everyone to help themselves which is how Credit Repair Sucks was born.

If you could go back and talk to your younger self what would you tell him and why? 

Hindsight is always 20/20, right? LOL. I would tell myself to slow down, enjoy the here and now.  I would focus on my mind and body more, practicing yoga sooner and living a healthy lifestyle. And most importantly, I’d tell myself don’t let the pain suffered from childhood abuse affect your adult life, yesterday was yesterday don’t let it be your tomorrow.

Are you working on any exciting new projects now?

As I mentioned before I just launched Credit Repair Sucks, a do it yourself credit repair and coaching program.  I’m excited about this project as it dispells so much misinformation in the credit repair industry.  Finally, there is a way for every consumer to repair and rebuild their credit to gain a financial freedom that everyone deserves.

Where do you see yourself and your career going in this new year and in the future? 

I am enjoying life and the road that Select Us and Credit Repair Sucks has taken me down.  I plan to continue to educate myself and consumers on credit. Helping people is my passion, I’m excited to continue to develop new ways to help consumers achieve financial freedom.

How can our readers connect with you on social media?

Twitter – @creditrepairSUX

Instagram – @creditrepairsucks

Linkedin – Credit Repair Sucks (

Facebook – Credit Repair Sucks / @creditrepairSUX

Youtube – Credit Repair Sucks (

Tiktok – @creditrepairsucks

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