INLU: Cork becomes fashionable on Kickstarter for the first time


Cork becomes fashionable on Kickstarter for the first time


Portuguese shoe brand INLU is merging sophistication and cork. Kickstarter is the chosen platform to run the brand’s first crowdfunding campaign and to introduce the debut collection.

The plan was outlined a long time ago: INLU’s first collection would be launched via crowdfunding campaign, namely on Kickstarter, “the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects”. And this is certainly a creative Portuguese project, led by a woman that wants to show the world the superb quality of the Portuguese craftsmen and women operating on the footwear industry (already familiar to so many international luxury brands); and at the same time showing the uniqueness and versatility of the cork tissue, used in both ladies and gents models.

“Cork can be extremely sexy!” – if you have any doubts, listen to INLU’s founder and CEO Inês Lebre while she passionately invites you to meet the brand’s debut collection, its first, composed
of ladies (mules, high and middle heel boots) and man’s shoes (derby).

The crowdfunding campaign introduces the viewer to INLU’s colourful, offbeat attitude without neglecting to reinforce the essential quality of the products. On the presentation video the viewer has the chance to step inside the Alpim plant, the place where all of INLU’s women shoe models are produced, getting to meet the factory’s artisans and the owners. Proud to show the exquisite work and developed partnerships, INLU has naturally joined the Fashion Revolution global movement, not only presenting who makes the brand’s shoes you will soon be putting on, but also contributing to a fairer, safer and more transparent relationship between brand-factory and brand-consumer.

Inês Lebre isn’t shy on the goal. She is pledging for $25 000, a big amount to achieve. “This campaign is a way of showcasing INLU to our real audience: fashionistas from all around the globe. The language of style, design and comfort is universal, and so is quality. It is time to put the product to the greatest test and see if shoeaholics like it as much as we do. If you are a shoe lover, be sure to scan INLU’s launch collection and grab an early bird deal!”, Inês adds. After browsing debut collection you should really think about marking her opening words.

Created in 2017, presented in 2018, INLU has developed a dream team of experienced Portuguese artisans and designers, with the aim to use the most beautiful raw materials (such as cork and ather) to create memorable, sophisticated shoes with a modern flair. This is the formula that will make you an INLUver…welcome to the new Portuguese cool.

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