Indonesia Streetwear Brand Debuts Erigo X During New York Fashion Week

Indonesia Streetwear Brand Debuts Erigo X During New York Fashion Week

From Indonesia to America comes Muhammad Sadad, founder of Erigo, with a streetwear brand unbeknownst to the zeitgeist in the west. Gender-neutral is his aesthetic and when it comes to modernizing casual pieces, Sadad turns essential fabrics into luxurious silhouettes.

Erigo X just made its runway debut in New York Fashion Week with its 10th-anniversary collection, a nod to their vanguard style and Indonesian culture. Though the brand is known for its basic t-shirts and everyday essentials such as shorts, pants, jackets, this time the brand is elevating its name with a bold capsule collection and made-in-Indonesia textiles.

“The X in Erigo represents the future celebration which means the future collaborations to be planned,” mentions Erigo’s Style Consultant, Bimo Permadi. As Indonesia expands overseas, it seeks to take center stage within the fashion market by showing Indonesia’s manufacturing prowess.

Indonesia has become an international manufacturing hotspot for many behemoth brands like H&M, Uniqlo, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, which has blurred the brand’s popularity in other countries.

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As Erigo lands on American land, it has one mission: to become a global supplier of textiles and fast fashion. “In Indonesia, we always promote our own fabrics,” adds Permadi. Aside from pulling goods from their local vendors, Erigo promotes a fashion-for-all attitude meaning they “have all sizes, for all genders, all body shapes – Basically everything is gender-neutral. We have no limits.”

The spring/summer 2022 collection is a style-meets-function capsule encompassing a selection of more luxurious sweaters, cargo pants, biker shorts and wide-leg silhouettes while still keeping an accessible price tag. “What we design is our projection of what’s going to happen after the pandemic,” concludes Permadi.

As a genderless collection, Erigo X offers versatile pieces that customers can mix and match. The new offering features more elevated pieces such as jumpsuits, suits and windbreakers in bold neons like orange, lime, and yellow. The collection also completes its assembly with black and white pieces that are up-to-par with what people expect from fast fashion.

As a leader in textile export, Indonesia is predicted to become one of the largest manufacturers in the world. With its highly skilled sewers and designers, Erigo X will surely attract many millennial consumers.

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