Imane Ayissi Spring-Summer 2018 Runway Show


Designer Imane Ayissi

Spring-Summer 2018 Runway Show

Imane Ayissi Spring-Summer 2018 Runway Show

The inspiration of our collection was driven by the Namibian folk called the Herero, and more precisely by « Conflict and Costume », a book by Jim Naughten. In this work, we can admire the Herero women’s Victorian patchwork dresses, made of hundreds of pieces of fabrics just like Haute Couture dresses. African Haute Couture ?

Unfortunately, this theatrical way of leaving is hiding a tragic story. Indeed, in 1905, the Hereros were the victims of the very first genocide of the 20s, organised by a German colonizer. What is striking is that the way they dress is a reinterpretation of their enemy closet, of their settler. Isn’t it a common fact in Fashion?

From Herero to Heroes there is only a few letters  that explains how sometimes victims can become heroes of the History, what lead us to a collection of what could be the costume of some African super heroes.

Nowadays, the Fashion world has no borders, this collection includes seven winter outfits that are available online at, Couture outfits (some of them are made of 238 pieces of fabrics), and some ready to wear outfits (everyday clothes and evening dresses).  Some of the Fabrics were dyed or produced by Hand in Cameroun or China, or come from French or Italian weaver, many of them are organic ( hemp, organic cotton…)

Imane Ayissi

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