HyperNatural Launches Eco-luxury Apparel Backed by Proprietary Materials

Hypernatural® Launches Eco-luxury Apparel

HyperNatural, an eco-luxury menswear brand, launches out-of-ordinary apparel. What sets their apparel apart from other brands is that they use natural materials in all their pieces. Each item is free from plastic, harmful petrol chemicals, chemical dyes, or virgin polyester.

The eco-fashion label uses sustainable materials such as crab shells and jade stones, blended with “Supima,” arguably the best cotton in the world. Their unique blend of “Supima” with crab shells and jade stones creates incredibly soft, comfortable, and cool-to-the-touch clothing.

HyperNatural also revealed that it uses “Creora Regen,” fully recyclable spandex, to make its apparel comfortable to wear and easy to move around in. Their naturally cozy apparel reached the U.S. market in the spring of 2023 and is available in leading stores such as Nordstrom and Fred Segal.

Chris Kolbe, the CEO of HyperNatural, expressed they wanted to create a better alternative to the materials used today and that developing these sustainable materials took a couple of years. Kolbe further stated the future of fashion is nature and not polyester.

HyperNatural aims to produce apparel from naturally regenerative materials and dyes only. They use what is available to reduce their ecological impact, and they hope they will do more in the next two to three years to reduce carbon.

For HyperNatural, sustainability starts at the source; this means companies must strive only to use natural, biodegradable, and renewable fibres—currently, 45% of materials that HyperNatural uses come from regenerated or recycled sources.

The brand also uses cotton yarn scraps to make its own Hyper-yarns. These cotton yarn scraps are leftovers from yarn-spinning mills and are a better alternative to the wood pulp that can lead to deforestation.

HyperNatural shirts are unique, with a magpie logo to symbolize a new generation of luxury. Magpies are a brilliant problem-solving species. Magpies have shown great use of tools in the wild and can recognize their reflection, suggesting a level of self-awareness uncommon in most animals.

The magpie’s reputation for intelligence and self-awareness makes it a fitting symbol for this innovative eco-friendly fashion brand, which strongly emphasizes innovation, ethical production and sustainability.

HyperNatural’s polo shirts are both eco-friendly and durable, so you can look and feel good about your purchase.

Made from top-quality materials and crafted with care, these shirts can withstand heavy use without rapidly deteriorating quality, making them the ideal choice for conscious consumers who value sustainability and longevity. These shirts include:

El Capitan Classic Micro Pique Polo #202

Hypernatural® Launches Eco-luxury Apparel Backed by Proprietary Materials

HyperNatural® Launches Eco-luxury Apparel Backed by Proprietary Materials

The quality of this Hyper-Cool Jade Polo Shirt is amazing. The shirt has incredible, stylish details and boasts all the natural performance advantages of chitin, “Creora” spandex, and jade. In addition, it is unbelievably soft, stretchy, breathable, and cool to the touch.

These features make the El Capitan Polo Shirt comfortable to wear. Furthermore, they improve the shirt’s versatility, which means you can wear it on various occasions, such as when going to a meeting or playing golf.

Mojave Classic Feather Weight Jersey #406

Hypernatural® Launches Eco-luxury Apparel Backed by Proprietary Materials

This polo shirt is made of 150g of super lightweight fabric, making it breathable and light enough to move around in effortlessly. The fact that it does not restrict the range of motion means you can wear it on nearly any occasion. The shirt is neither too tight nor loose on the body.

Besides, it comes in a wide range of sizes to choose from. The shirt also boasts a signature style for golf. In addition, it has a self-fabric collar and a three-button placket.

Biscayne Slim Micro Pique Polo #204

Hypernatural® Launches Eco-luxury Apparel Backed by Proprietary Materials

The Biscayne Slim Micro Pique Polo has a modern, tapered fit, which means it is not tight despite being closer to the body. It is made of 235g middle-weight fabric that leaves it structured on the body yet feeling light.

The minimal branding and modern style also make this shirt a worthwhile purchase. Additionally, the shirt’s design allows it to fit comfortably under a suit or jacket.

Dagger Slim Micro Pique Polo #206

Hypernatural® Launches Eco-luxury Apparel Backed by Proprietary Materials

This shirt is made of 50% “Supima” cotton, 3% “Creora” spandex, and 47% jade chitin viscose. These materials are not only sustainable but also of good quality. Moreover, they help make the shirt suitable for several occasions and durable enough to withstand time.

They also make taking care of the polo a no-brainer. All you need to do is turn the shirt inside out and machine-wash it cold with like colors. You should wash it on a gentle cycle and tumble dry on low. You should never bleach the shirt.

“Creora Regen” spandex and “Mother of Pearl” buttons are other ingredients. “Creora Regen” spandex is the world’s only 100% recyclable spandex. “Mother of Pearl” buttons are 100% natural and cool to the touch.

HyperNatural is available at hypernaturalstyle.com.


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