Hybrid makeup is the newest consumer trend in the beauty market

Hybrid makeup is the newest consumer trend in the beauty market

Hybrid makeup is the newest consumer trend in beauty market

According to Statista, the beauty industry makes over $100 billion in revenue worldwide. Even though it had a downfall of 8% in the past two years because of global pandemics, the future looks bright for this industry. It started to already catch up in 2021 which was a very good year for the cosmetic industry and it is expected to flourish and reach over $120 billion by 2025.

Transformation of the beauty industry

A lot can be said about the influence of the pandemic on today’s world. The beauty industry is no exception to this. One thing is for sure, the pandemics have brought and accelerated some new trends in the beauty industry and one of them is the hybrid makeup trend. The makeup share of the cosmetic market worldwide is 16% and is constantly rising. Makeup products are going through a transformational period and there is a lot of talk about hybrid makeup. A few of the leaders in the cosmetic world started the trend of beauty products that offer both skincare and makeup and the rest of the brands followed. At first ‘’skin minimalism’’ was emphasized as a way of cutting down the budget for cosmetics during the pandemic and making it simple by using ‘’clean’’ formulated products. Then this trend went on into blending the simplicity of skincare with makeup that has transparency in the ingredients used and is also multifunctional in its value. Maybe one of the first brands that did this was Saie Beauty which created a liquid lip balm that was advertised as a product that is more than a lip balm but it is not yet a gloss.   The wholesale makeup products market is now overflown with old and new brands displaying hybrid makeup.

The B2B platforms created for the need of the market of connection between whole sellers and the brands also started to grow in numbers. BeautySourcing is such a platform where you can find a variety of hybrid makeup on offer.

The Hybrid makeup trend is booming

Consumers are currently looking for products from which they can benefit in the long run.  They would like to know what is in their beauty product and how is it going to make them feel. They are in a need of beauty products that can help their skin to achieve a radiant glow but at the same time, they care about how the beauty products will benefit their well-being as well.  This well-being aspect has made hybrid makeup so popular nowadays. This is why the hybrid makeup trend is booming. There is another aspect to the hybrid makeup that contributes to its popularity. Because it is a product that comes as 2 in 1, it promotes ecology and sustainability. This means that there is less clutter in the cupboard and there is a cleaner, eco-friendlier way of life. It also does cost less so it is easier on our wallets. It will be more likely for the consumers to choose to buy from brands that are in alignment with their values.

hybrid makeup products

The latest in hybrid makeup products

Here is a short guide through what is trending in the hybrid makeup of today:

  1. Active Concepts launched their Social Renaissance kit which contains six parts: eyeshadow, lip and cheek stain, concealer, brow gel, and scent balm. All of these products will bring balance between skincare and makeup.
  2. Kravebeauty has launched its Slow Down Skincare campaign.
  3. The brand Yves Saint Laurent Beauté collaborates with NGO Re: wild to initiate Rewild Our Earth in order to safeguard key climate-risk areas where its cosmetic ingredients are cultivated and affected by climate change.
  4. A group of Korean-based researchers released a literature review where they share insights about how consumers are changing their demands in order to care for the environment.
  5. The ‘’clean’’, ‘’green’’ and the eco-friendly trend is especially popular among younger generations and it led to an increased desire for clean and vegan cosmetics.
  6. Precime previously launched its Cica Foundation Cushion, which combines makeup and skincare.
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