Is your grandmother getting really tired of the endless painkillers? She can’t stand it how the opioid tablets are draining the energy of her body? Well, up until very recently, there were absolutely no alternatives to opioid medications.

However, now, we have a new promising treatment in our hands. Numerous scientists CBD Armour are currently researching CBD, the extracted element from cannabis. They are eager to discover all of the element’s benefits and disadvantages.

How to Talk to Your Grandma about CBD

Although still under research, CBD has shown to be effective against chronic pain for a considerable number of times. The final results are not in, but many clinicians are very hopeful of CBD being a much gentler pain-relieving alternative to opioid drugs.

Your granny may have been looking all this time for CBD. However, as the grandma is from a different generation than you, it may be complicated to start the “cannabis talk.” So, here are some general pointers to talking to your grandma about CBD as a sensible addition to her treatment plan.

Talk about the Benefits of CBD

Although older people are open to new treatment methods in general, your grandma definitely grew in an environment where cannabis had a stigma around it. Most likely, she still holds some of the stereotypes about cannabis use.

What is more, probably, your grandma does not know anything about CBD but can be quite concerned regarding a cannabis-based product. That’s why you have to basically sell CBD to her.

You will need to present all of the information about CBD very carefully and thoughtfully. Firstly, do not mention cannabis at all and tell your grandma about a new treatment that is being actively researched, namely, CBD.

Talk about its anti-inflammatory benefits and how it can deliver reliable pain management for patients with chronic pain. Describe how well it treats acne, anxiety, depression, arthritis pain, muscle-spasticity, nausea, nerve pain, cancer-related symptoms, among others.

Then, you can mention that it is an absolutely natural treatment, meaning it interacts with one’s body, specifically the endocannabinoid system, in a very gentle way, and it does not tire the organism as opioid medications do. Also, do not forget to bring up that CBD may have neuroprotective properties.

Backup All of the Facts with Sources

After you explain all of the mentioned points, you can specify that this element is extracted out of cannabis. Then, point out the numerous pieces of research on the subject right away, and that even clinical doctors are starting to introduce CBD into real-life medical treatment plans.

It is understandable if your grandma will hold a lot of skepticism when this point comes up. Still, you have to hammer down the argument that the research was and is currently in the process of being conducted by numerous university- and government-backed laboratories.

Also, bring up the fact that opioid medication is not the best option, giving the side effects it has. Also, opioids are confirmed to be highly addictive and damaging to the human body, as seen on The New York Times. CBD is the world’s first actually working alternative to opioid painkillers, and it is not as damaging to one’s health.

Connect CBD’s Properties with the Realities of Your Grandma’s Life

Simply spilling facts will not convert anybody to be interested in CBD, especially your grandma that has lived a long life and seen a lot. Next, you have to connect the dots between her life, problems, fears, and CBD’s benefits. Here are the main things to point out.

Ensure Your Grandma That She Will Not Get High or Addicted because of CBD

Say to your grandma that cannabis contains two main elements, namely THC and CBD. THC is the psychoactive one, while CBD produces no high in humans whatsoever. Although substance abuse in old age is on the rise, according to CNN, there is no way possible to get addicted to CBD.

Do Not Let Your Granny Give Up Her Dream of a Pain-Free Life

If your grandma thinks that pain is inevitable and a part of a senior’s life to simply come to terms with, then do all you can to change her mind. CBD can help her at least alleviate some of the pain (if not all). Unlike some ageist doctors may believe, pain in old age is not a must and can be relieved.

Tell Your Grandma That CBD Will Gradually Make Her Mood Better

As you get older, more and more of your friends, acquaintances, and loved ones meet the inevitable end. There is so much loss at this phase that mild depression can develop. Tell your granny that CBD can help to stay in a good mood, feel better, and cope with her fears and anxieties.

CBD Is Absolutely Legal and Readily Available

Although there is still some political debate on CBD’s classification, almost all the countries over the globe have agreed that CBD should be legal. There are tons of companies providing CBD products, including oils, food additives, coffee, and others. Check out this great list of the best CBD oils, as recommended by Cool Things Chicago.

Information is King

Now that your grandma knows everything about CBD do not push her. Let her decide what she needs by herself. She has gotten to old age all on her own, after all.

Your task is to present the data on this component as unbiased as possible. Thus, your grandmother won’t freak out about a cannabis extract but instead, learn about a bunch of benefits associated with the CBD intake.

The most important is that now your granny knows that opioids are not the only solution to her chronic pain and worries. After analyzing the information about CBD receiving from you and checking out some additional sources, she may turn to this treatment and see positive changes forthcoming.

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