How To Support Small Businesses & Things You Can Do At Home


In recent weeks and months, the spread of Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 has caused much of the world to institute many states of emergencies with some countries completely shutting down to stop the spread of the virus.

With the potential for death tolls to rise many countries are shutting down to ensure its citizens are safe.

Many states in the US have either shut down all public places and only essential people such as doctors, nurses and government employees are able to work. Everyone else is being asked to work from home for at least the next 3-4 weeks so the spread of the virus can be flattened and the spread is lessened. Schools as of this week in New York, Florida and many other states are closed until at least April 15th with many students being asked to have their classes online. Sadly, this is the new normal.

Though we are unsure of how long this will last it is creating hardships for millions of Americans, especially parents who are not able to stay home with their children. Many cannot afford to feed their children where normally school districts have provided meals to them.

Thankfully there are programs through organizations such as Save the Children and Feeding America where you can donate to their fund to help make sure children have the meals they lost once their schools closed.

The hardest hit employees are those in the restaurant industry where they have delivery and take out only, and in some areas maintain only 50% of their capacity to lessen the spread of Coronavirus.

In New York alone this has affected over 27,000 restaurants some of which will never recover and many owners had the awful job of letting go of their entire staffs and closing down indefinitely.

With that you can buy an eGift certificate to use when restaurants reopen and/or use for delivery or take out if you have these options available. This will ensure when restaurants are back up and running, they will be able to pay their staffs.

Here are some restaurants/companies to checkout:

Sushi by Bou (nationwide locations) where for every gift card you purchase 50% of the entire purchase will be donated to help their employees get by until they can reopen.

Brooklyn Chop House serves up dim sum and chops giving diners everything from homemade dumplings and noodles, to 30 – 35 day dry-aged Prime Steaks and Double Thick Cut Chops. Indulge in their delicious dishes by ordering delivery here, or support them by purchasing a gift card here

Beyond Sushi is offering a new family-friendly plant based and kosher catering menu throughout Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan with no delivery fees. Order delivery or an online gift card from the health-conscious, environmentally-friendly, eatery here:

Beyond Sushi


Molos in Weehawken a Greek and Mediterranean-inspired seafood restaurant  is offering patrons the ability to buy a $100 gift card, you’ll get a second gift card for $25 by visiting



Uber Eats and Doordash (nationwide) – they will be waiving fees to independent restaurants so that they are able to keep more money to keep their doors open


Here are some companies that during this time lessen the spread of germs in a healthier and safer way:

Billfold POS (

Helping events transact in a healthier and safer way, tech startup Billfold ( is a payments system that allows a customer’s credit card to be connected to an RFID wristband. This wristband is used with their proprietary POS systems to reduce any touching during payments by 90% and reduce any cash transmission to bartenders by 100%. It also helps boost customer spending by up to 67%.

Billfold also eliminates the exchange of pens used to sign receipts as well as debit or credit cards to vendors. Just one person handing a compromised credit card to a bartender that then can spread to future guests can be avoided by a bracelet-based payment system.

“Studies have shown that pathogens can exist on hard currency and plastic cards for up to 7 days.” This is why the use of Billfold why transacting at venues and events is of the utmost importance.

Billfold POS


Touchland –

Hand sanitizer brand Touchland has set their sights on making a positive impact in the world with the company’s social campaign Touchlives. Touchland dedicates 5% of their profits to send their sanitizing hygiene solutions to developing countries where there’s water scarcity & many kids die every day from diseases caused by a lack of safe water, sanitation and basic hygiene.

Touchland Power Mist’s pulverizer spray system ensures that the fast-evaporating sanitizer formula is evenly distributed across your hands to kill 99.99% of harmful, illness causing germs, while the naturally hydrating ingredients keep your skin feeling soft and moisturized all day long–with absolutely no stickiness!

How To Support Small Businesses & Things You Can Do At Home 11

While we are home and practicing social distancing now is the time to catch up with friends, family and make sure everyone is safe and doing well.


Here are some fun ways to do so:

Netflix Party is allowing friends to share streaming and host virtual watch parties by installing the Google Chrome extension on your computer.

Watch Opera online from the comfort of your own home. The Metropolitan Opera of New York is livestreaming some of its most famous operas live for free. You can find out the schedule of which operas and times here.

Visit Many of the Famous Museums around the world for free online:

The Louvre in Paris – home to the Mona Lisa and many other famous pieces of art and sculpture

The Solomon Guggenheim Museum in NY

The National Gallery of Art in Washington DC

Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York


We hope no matter where you are in the World, that you are staying safe and healthy. With so many of us working from home if you are able to support any restaurants and organizations, we implore you to. Together we are stronger and will get through these trying times.

And, if you are able to pay it forward and help out an elderly neighbor or colleague, please do as for so many it is hard to go out to get what they need including basic necessities and groceries.

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