How To Put Together The Ultimate Ultra Music Festival Wardrobe

Whether you are an Ultra Music Festival veteran or you just bought tickets for the first time, you are going to need a stylish, durable wardrobe. Ultra offers everything you need to look awesome and feel comfortable while you are dancing the night away. Use these tips to put together your next Ultra Music Festival Wardrobe.


Ultra Music Festival - Yoga Top

Tip Number One: Dress for Yourself

The outfits you choose to wear to the festival should be a reflection of you. You don’t have to follow the trends, show a lot of skin, or only wear bright colors to look great at a rave. Sometimes, the best outfits are simple. The yoga set from Ultra is perfect for nights at the festival when you don’t feel like taking a ton of time to get dressed. It’s stylish, sexy, and comfortable enough to fall asleep in after an exhausting night of dancing. If you feel like wearing something more colorful and unique, you could pair our Cotton Candy Tee with some bright bottoms and these cool sunglasses.

Ultra Music Festival - Bomber Jacket

Tip Number Two: Choose Your Outer Layers

Jackets and hoodies can help you make a statement and keep you warm. Outdoor venues can be unpredictable, so it’s always a good idea to bring a jacket or hoodie to go with each outfit in case it rains or gets chilly. The bomber jackets and tie-dye hoodies keep you warm without compromising your look. Cropped jackets are also a must if you are including sports bras and bralettes in your wardrobe. The blue sports bra from Ultra would look great under any cropped jacket or mesh tee.

Ultra Musical Festival - Candy Bracelet

Tip Number Three: Accessorize

When it comes to raves and EDM festivals, accessories are a must. Bracelets made with colorful plastic beads are known as “kandi,” and they are a very important part of the culture at EDM and rave festivals. You can purchase your kandi bracelets from Ultra along with any other accessories needed to complete your wardrobe. Glasses, bandanas, and fanny packs are both stylish and functional, so don’t forget to add them to your list. You may also want to spice up your outfit with patches, pins, and glow tattoos, all available at Ultra Merchandise.

Ultra Music Festival - Tie Dye Hoodie

Tip Number Four: Wear the Right Shoes

Closed-toe shoes are an absolute must for raves and music festivals. You are going to be dancing and jumping around with hundreds of other people. If someone accidentally steps on your foot while bouncing around at a concert, they could break bones or leave you too sore to have fun. Combat boots and closed-toe platform shoes are common choices for music festivals, but there are plenty of footwear options available that are stylish and safe for moshing.

Ultra Music Festival - SPORTS BRA

Tip Number Five: Get Ready to Party

Ultra returns to Bayfront Park in Miami, March 25th – 27th for the ultimate dance party and we look forward to seeing you there…

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Ultra Music Festival - Headliners


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