It’s Not All About the Dress: How to Plan an Unforgettable Fall Wedding

How to Plan an Unforgettable Fall Wedding

Fall weddings are magical. The colorful backdrops the season offers are beyond compare, and autumn nuptials offer plenty of opportunities to reflect this time of the year in your dress, decor, and much more!

If you’re planning a fall wedding, use the guide below to help get everything in place for the most beautiful and romantic day of your life. From seasonal crowd-pleasing fare to ideas for bringing the beauty of the season into your indoor spaces, we’ve got all the info you need.

Keep Your Eye on the Skies

You’ll need to carefully consider the weather when it comes to your fall wedding. It’s vital to ensure if any element of your celebration will be held outside that, there’s an alternative indoor space that can be used if the rain starts falling heavily or a strong wind springs up – both of which are, of course, more likely to happen in the colder seasons.

Speak with your venue about this – they’ll have plenty of experience in this regard and will be ready to help you create a plan. You also may want to have buckets of umbrellas to hand for guests to use, just in case!

Key, too, to everything running smoothly is ensuring you and your guests stay warm enough. Depending on the nature of your nuptials and the location, consider outdoor heating and/or provide big baskets of cozy blankets for your family and friends to use. You could even consider giving each guest a shawl or a pair of gloves as wedding favors, which crosses two jobs off your wedding planning to-do list at once!

Mood-Making Music

Music plays a massive part in any wedding. From the music you’ll be playing as you walk down the aisle to the background tracks adding ambience to the cocktail hour to the dance afterward, it’s vital to consider this element of your event carefully.

Think of the tracks and tunes representing you, your partner, and both of you as a couple. Also, consider the flow of the day and how the changing mood of different types of music can help this. If you need some inspiration, why not browse lists of royalty-free songs for weddings to get an idea of how a playlist could look and sound?

Seasonal Decor

Fall offers an excellent opportunity to incorporate a rich, autumnal color palette into your wedding decor. Try pairing warmer tones, like browns, oranges, and reds, with cooler hues, such as blues and greens, to create a classy fall vibe. Add in some gold and silver hints to make your fall decor pop.

Think about how you can bring the outdoors into the inside spaces of your venue. Using boughs of green leaves, ivy, and holly can work beautifully to create a rustic atmosphere, as can displays of seasonal flowers and bright autumn leaves.

Delicious Fall Food

Bring the season into your menu, too! Think hearty, warming, and seasonal. Dishes incorporating mushrooms, sausages, cinnamon, or cranberry will all give your guests a flavor of the fall; think about smoky flavors, too, or rustic classics with contemporary twists such as jacket potatoes stuffed with lardons and served with seared asparagus or warm bite-sized pumpkin pies enriched with maple sauce and brown sugar.

Providing guests with steaming mugs of hot chocolate, seasonal teas, candy apples, and warm donuts in between the ceremony and the reception is also sure to be very appreciated by young and old alike!

You could also think about hiring a food truck to bring fall-inspired treats to your guests during the evening celebrations.

And, of course, the Dress!

It may not be all about the dress, but your wedding gown is still one of the stars of the show!

You have two options to consider in your planning. Firstly you could choose a simple, white gown if you’re planning on an outdoor photoshoot and like the idea of a contrast between the dress and the stunning fall colors.

Alternatively, you could embrace the season’s colors in your ensemble. Whether this is choosing an ivory gown with rich ochre-hued accents, or a wine-colored dress complete with a holly-wreath hairpiece, the choice is yours!

Whichever dress you opt for, think of warmth; it’s probably a good idea to incorporate a shawl or pashmina to keep you from getting chilly, especially as the evening falls.

Fall in Love with an Autumn Wedding

There are so many benefits to getting wed in the fall, from the gorgeousness of the season to the reduced booking rates offered by many venues at this time of year.

If you love the idea of a fall wedding, starting the planning process as early as possible is wise. This’ll allow you to consider all the extra elements you’ll need to consider for nuptials at this time of year, such as ensuring everyone is warm enough and having a Plan B in the case of inclement weather.

Whatever your fall wedding looks like, this season is simply made to say ‘We do’ in – as your photos and memories will attest.



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