How To Mix and Match Furniture Like a Pro

How To Mix and Match Furniture Like a Pro

You never know when you might find new furniture you love—on your travels, online, even on sale in a designer warehouse. It may not have been part of your original decorating vision, but there’s always room for creativity. Once you know how to mix and match furniture like a pro, you can create a space that’s more eclectic, more unique, more you.

How To Mix and Match Furniture Like a Pro

Stay in the Same Color Family

You don’t have to rely on neutral furniture and add color with splashy accents. Instead, make the color the star of your room and its unifying feature. You can combine different fabrics and styles, as long as they still contribute to the color story. If you love patterned upholstery, you can throw more than one into the mix, as long as it’s a similar shade and not too bold. A common color theme is also an easy way to add varied textures to your décor.

Pay Attention To Shape

The shape of furniture is what identifies its style. Curves belong with curves, which explains why French Classic works so well with Shabby Chic. Straight lines and sharp angles recur in many eras, so Arts and Crafts is a go-to complement for Shaker. Keep an eye on the feel of the room so nothing interrupts the visual flow. Rounded chair backs at the same height look right without being matchy-matchy. With this method, you can even use “mismatched” chairs successfully around a dining room table.

Keep the Details Consistent

There are all sorts of elements that can make a room cohesive. You might have different furniture styles that are united by ornate woodwork, clean lines, or even nailhead trim. Repeat details throughout your décor; you can echo a floral piece of furniture in the wall art, or combine different patterns that all have squares. There was something that drew you to these pieces, and if you look a little closer, you might find common details that explain why.

You are the sum of disparate experiences and influences, and your surroundings don’t have to be any less complex. There aren’t rules so much as guidelines on how to mix and match furniture like a pro. Experiment until the room feels balanced. Your décor shouldn’t look like a cookie-cutter set, but an interesting blend of notes that result in unexpected harmony.

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