How to Look Good in Simple T-Shirts

How to Look Good in Simple T-Shirts Mind-Blowing Tips


Fancy dresses are nice and all, but fashion is supposed to be for everyone; you don’t need to be mega-rich to stay in trend! Sometimes, just a plain T-shirt is enough to elevate your entire look.

How, though? You may wonder. And here is where we deliver tips on how to look good in simple T-shirts. Keep scrolling.

How to Look Good in Simple T-Shirts: Best Tips

1. Be Mindful of The Dress Codes

Everyday items like T-shirts only look best when they are welcomed.

Most function events call for long-sleeved shirts, ties, and suits; only wear a T-shirt to these places if it’s specified clearly in the event’s dress code.

Do not try to be different; it’s not as cool or awesome as you think. Quite the contrary, such outrageous outfit choices only show blatant disrespect toward the event and the host.

2. Learn Your Body Types

Not everyone has the body of a supermodel. What to do if you still want to look great in T-shirts?

There are five main body shapes: oval, triangle, trapezoid, inverted triangle, and rectangle (applied for both men and women). Learning which is yours will gauge better chances of sporting a well-fitted T-shirt.

  • Is your body large/stout? Chances are your midsection may have some extra weight; tight shirts clearly will not hide that well. Not to mention, they can be super uncomfortable, restricting most body movements!
  • For those on the skinnier side, choose a shirt that can accentuate your upper torso and arms.

3. Nail The Fit

Body types are not the only critical factor in ensuring a good fit. Spend as much time as possible at physical T-shirt stores; do not rely too much on the convenience of online shopping, no matter how tempting it is.

While you are at it, use this checklist to assess whether a particular shirt is worth the investment:

  • Does it fit you snugly? Or is there tightness around the waist and chest regions?
  • Do its shoulder seams align with your shoulders’ endpoints? Low seams mean too loose, while seams too close to the neck scream over-tightness.
  • Do its sleeves cover 1/3 of your upper arm? Sleeves extending more than 1/2 (or touching the elbows) are too long.
  • Do these sleeves hug your arm lightly? Too tight ones may disrupt blood circulation.
  • Does this shirt drape subtly over the chest to follow torso curves? A good T-shirt should not expose your stomach outline too much.
  • Does it go 1-2 inches below the belt line to slightly cover the waistband? Its length should allow you to raise both arms freely without midsection exposure. For men, avoid shirts that reach as low as the crotch area.

4. Pick The Right Materials

Fabric is the main ingredient in the recipe for a best-selling T-shirt. Suppose two shirts have identical colors and designs; the one with more durable material will still outperform by a huge margin.

Long story short: awesome material, awesome shirts. But how to spot the best fabric for your tee? Simple; read its label. We know most would go straight to the price tag, but be patient and spare a few seconds on the material info first.

While cotton blends or 100% cotton are the most popular in both mainstream T-shirts and more niched ones, like Christian clothing, other fabrics can still be a great match for certain demographics. Cases in point include:

  • Bamboo: Soft, breathable, and gives the shirt nice lusters. Popular in higher-end clothes
  • Merino: Fine-weave, high-quality wool used for pricier T-shirts (usually men’s). Can go without washing for a week and still be odor-free
  • Jersey: Comfortable and flexible, made of well-blended synthetic and cotton fabric
  • Pima: High-grade cotton that gets softer over time with each usage. Impressive resistance to fading and pilling
  • Linen blends: Regarded as the strongest natural fibers, with a silkier and smoother texture than standard cotton. Warning: easily-linen wrinkles.
  • Stretch fabric (Elastane, Spandex, or Lycra): great for workout outfits, strong resistance to tear and wear despite multiple washes. It keeps the shirt’s form intact while still giving you top-notch comfort.

Great Items to Pair with Your T-Shirt

  • Tracksuit: Style a tracksuit with your scoop-neck tee can emphasize the neck region better. Finish the outfit with glistening earrings (for women!)
  • Hoodies and heels: Plain T-shirts might look too casual for certain occasions. Adding a hoodie/blazer and heels should give the entire ensemble more pronounced tones!
  • Cool jeans: You can never go wrong with skinny jeans and black slouchy T-shirts.


Regardless of gender, age, and even body size, anyone can learn how to look good in simple T-shirts.


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