How to Get a Flawless, Dewy Makeup Base

Whether we’re battling through polluted city air on the commute or not getting enough sleep, our skin can’t always keep up with the standards we try to maintain. In spite of this, finding the right routine can help you achieve a fresh-looking, radiant glow even when your complexion isn’t quite cooperating.

Are you always wondering how other people achieve that secret dewy glow? Does it seem that everyone else has been able to achieve this kind of look and you’ve been left behind? Or do they have all the mysterious face makeup products that you’ve never known about?

Don’t worry, we have the best tips that will leave you with that dreamy, dewy glow you’ve always yearned for. Here is our ultimate flawless, dewy makeup base routine.

How to Get a Flawless, Dewy Makeup Base

Start with skincare

If you’re looking to get the perfect glow you should always start from the bottom and work your way to the top. After you have cleansed and toned, try to capture an extra layer of moisture by using a hydrating serum or even a hyaluronic acid treatment.

The initial thought will be to rub it straight into your skin, but you should start by applying it to your hands and pressing the formula across your face. This application will almost push the hydrating ingredients into your pores.

To finish you should introduce a lightweight, luminescing moisturizer to ensure the skin is perfectly prepped for your dewy foundation.

Ready, set, glow

After you have finished the skin preparation for your makeup, it is time to apply a radiance-enhancing primer to add to your dewy complexion.

Some primers contain a smart formula that contains skincare ingredients such as brightening ginseng that will build the natural glow of your skin over a period of time, while also offering a layer of protection against any skin-dulling pollution. This brightening ginseng also stops the aging blue light pollution from your phone.

When you’re applying a formula such as this you should use your fingertips, then tap the skin to increase blood flow and circulation. Doing this also gives extra help to make the skin feel plumper and smoother. You will be left with an overall healthy-looking, natural glow.

How to Get a Flawless, Dewy Makeup Base

Ace your base

The next step you need to take is foundation application. There are certain products of a solid-to-liquid formula that have been infused to leave supreme glow-boosting moisture attraction hyaluronic acid.

When it comes to application, smooth the foundation onto your skin with the help of a tapered brush to ensure you have more precision in the application. If you do not have a tapered brush you could use a slightly damp sponge to give yourself that more dewy finish. Build coverage wherever it’s needed.

Tap a little extra underneath your eyes and around your nose as these areas will move the most on your face. Your skin will look instantly radiant. A top tip is to always try and use a long-lasting foundation so you don’t have to apply multiple coats.

Erase imperfections

To get the completely flawless look of your dreams there is no more important step than a lightweight concealer. To get a truly dewy foundation base you should only use concealer on essential areas. This will help avoid a cakey look caused by layers of heavy makeup application.

Using a concealer in this way will help you directly target dark circles and cover up any blemishes you find. For the best blemish-covering technique, tap with your fingertips to seamlessly blend into your skin. Flexi-hold technology is available in some products, giving an ultimate comfort level whenever you apply.

If there are any larger areas that need a helping hand to achieve complete coverage and ultimately keep that dewy, hydrated glow, use your damp sponge once again and tap to blend the concealer over the skin until you have obtained the seamless finish you desire.

How to Get a Flawless, Dewy Makeup Base

Light & luminosity

Now it’s time to take your dewy glow foundation looks to the next level with a highlighter. Apply a universal product onto the back of your hand and use your fingertips to apply by tapping all across your skin, without missing a single section. By doing this you will create the illusion of radiant, well-lit skin from every angle.

Make sure to apply it to the tops of your cheekbones, the middle of your nose, the Cupid’s bow, and the tip of your chin in order to reap the glow-boosting benefits. To diffuse the highlighter you should lightly blend it with your fingertips.

A fresh-faced finish

The final stage is to keep all that freshness in. Lock in the moisture of your dewy foundation base by introducing a light mist of setting spray. You can find sprays containing lots of hydrating glycerine and extracts of refreshing cucumber that are great in helping to cool the skin down and add an additional layer of moisture.

Keep a bottle of hydrating spray in your bag throughout the day for whenever you need to add an extra little spritz to keep your moisturizing levels at maximum capacity. The result? A completely hydrated, luminous, dewy skin tone that is sure to impress everyone who beholds it.


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