How to Dress Well in the Winter

Winter fashion is always better planned than in actuality. Every picture of “winter fashion” seems to show a woman in a cute jacket that’s left open to show off a light sweater paired with cute booties. New Yorkers know better than to wear an open jacket or suede shoes in the dead of winter. Realistic winter fashion is a constant battle between fashion and function. Check out this guide on how to dress well in the winter without sacrificing practicality.

How to Dress Well in the Winter


The drastic change from your 20-minute walk from home to work and the store’s cold outdoor climate to inside’s blasting heat is intense. Don’t get caught dressing with only one of these extremes in mind; instead, prepare for both. Layering is a great way to do this. Make sure you layer for cold weather properly and keep your style intact.

Bonus Tip: Get on the cardigan trend and throw one over all your outfits. They’re easy to remove and add to outfits—plus, they can really keep you warm.

Steer into trends

Puffy coats are in right now in New York fashion. Steer into this and get a puffy down jacket to put over your clothing. This way, you can be warm and stylish at the same time. Watch for footwear trends and try to opt for fur-lined items whenever possible. Follow the trends and consider creative ways to make the trends warmer.

Bonus Tip: Athleisure is still in right now. Use this look and put leggings under dresses instead of tights to add a layer of heat for yourself.

Prioritize warmth

While fashion is important—especially in the city—staying warm should take priority. While beauty may be pain, frostbite should always be avoided. Put the cute shoes in your bag and walk the snowy streets in fur-lined snow boots with good traction and reliable waterproofing. Invest in a cute hat or head wrap to keep your head warm. Headwraps and headbands are recommended if you want to avoid any hat-hair incidents. Matching scarves and mittens are a great pairing to any winter fit, too!

Bonus Tip: Mittens are warmer (and typically cuter) than gloves, so stock up.

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