How To Dress Well: 5 Fashion Rules To Remember

How To Dress Well: 5 Fashion Rules To Remember

When you look at the stylish men and women around you, do you often wonder how they’ve put their outfits together? Is it something they picked out for the day at random? Or did they have rules to follow? Well, whether it may be good or bad news for you, the truth is that many of those stylish individuals who look like they’re coming straight out of a magazine follow a set of fashion rules.

How To Dress Well: 5 Fashion Rules To Remember

Yes, more rules. If you think you’ve already got too many rules in your life to follow, well fashion rules are some of those you’ll be glad to follow consistently. Once you get the hang of them, you’ll realize they are pretty straightforward.

Here, we break down five of the most classic fashion rules you have to remember, so you can now start looking the best you’ve ever been.

1. Look After Your Appearance

While you spend money on your clothing, you also have to put in the extra effort to care for your appearance. May it be menswear or womenswear, this rule universally applies. You will never look stylish if you look unshaved and your hair unruly—polish your shoes, brush your teeth, shave, go for regular haircuts, and even get a facial treatment if that’s what you fancy.

Your appearance should look as good as the clothes you are wearing. Otherwise, there is no way anyone around you will appreciate what you are wearing.

2. Don’t Be Fooled By Bargains

So, you saw something on the clearance aisle that caught your eye. The style looks nice, and the price is tempting. But you know you have never worn that style before. You may even be unsure whether or not it will fit your style and body type.

When you have those doubts, follow your instinct. Don’t shop on impulse, simply because something is on a bargain. Think it thoroughly if it’s something you will look good and be confident wearing. Most importantly, focus on brands with good quality, such as CALIBRE, among others, so you are investing in good pieces that fit well.

3. Keep It Simple

For starters, you’ll want to keep things simple. There is no need to overdo your look if you are not the type to have too many things going on in your outfit. Simple does not have to be boring. It only needs to look chic, streamlined, and minimal.

If you do not believe that simplicity is also one of the essential secrets to being fashionable, remember that Mademoiselle Chanel was a believer of this fashion rule herself. She famously said, ‘Before leaving the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.’ Perhaps you would like to start applying that, too.

4. Don’t Buy Clothes For Just One Occasion

We’ve all been there. You were invited to your friend’s wedding, so you would buy a dress. Then another wedding comes, you choose another dress. Then there is the office holiday party. The list goes on and on. If you buy a new dress for every single occasion you are going to, the next thing you know, you’re going to have a closet filled with single-use dresses.

This doesn’t have to be the case for you to dress well or to be stylish. You should remember the next fashion rule: think about multiple occasions whenever you buy a clothing item. Don’t simply go for single-use.

Why? Apart from being a practical fashionista, wearing dresses and clothing pieces multiple times allows you to master your sense of style. There’s no guessing or wondering how you are going to mix and match certain parts. Don’t let the trends lead you. Go for something more versatile. This also allows you to enjoy fashion more when you mix and match with the things you already have in your wardrobe.

5. Fit Is Everything

Here is another tip that’s equally applicable both to men and women. Remember, fit is everything. No matter how beautiful a clothing piece looks or how expensive it is, if it’s the wrong fit, you will be the complete opposite of the stylish individual you want to be.

Whenever you shop in physical stores, take advantage of the fitting room. If you are shopping online, be sure to get the measurements right. A person that looks pulled together always wears clothes that fit them right.

How To Dress Well 5 Fashion Rules To Remember


With fashion constantly evolving and becoming even more experimental than it ever has been in the past, perhaps now you will see why rules are, in fact, a must-do. You don’t need to have a closet overflowing with many clothes only for them to end up unused.

The rules above are classic and are found only on the essential elements of fashion. Whether you are simply out for a supermarket run or off to a holiday party, you will finally be one of the more stylish ones in the group!

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