How To Dress Like A New York Gentleman

Men’s fashion in New York is very identifiable with lots of clean lines and narrow cut shapes. These men, especially those working on wall street, are captivated with tailored suits to the extent of getting their jeans and shirts custom-tailored.

However, consider which style would go perfectly with your body type before settling on an outfit. However, if you don’t know the type of body shape you have, you can check out before making a purchase.

The type of shoes you opt for will also boost your New York look. And as a result, pay for a solid pair of leather shoes that can elevate any of your styles, including casual outfits. With the following tips, you can achieve the right New York look.

How To Dress Like A New York Gentleman

Be Stylish

To achieve a stylish New York look, you will need to have a mix of tailoring with distinctive colors that gives you a balanced and complete look. You will need well-tailored clothes with a complementary color combination that offers a balanced contrast.

For instance, when you choose to wear a navy suit, consider pairing it with a crisp white shirt that gives you a classic stylish look. Avoid shying away from burgundy clothes that are stylish but quite restrictive on what to use in pairing.

New York gentlemen prefer to wear neutral colors such as white, grey, and brown colors in different tones. And for that stylish look, you should also try mixing and matching classic menswear colors.

Another styling tip is pairing a tailored blazer with differently colored tailored trousers. This look will give you a unique look without sticking to traditional suit styles.

Fashion trends in New York also include accessories that range from designer watches, belts, leather wallets, and many more. The advantage of men’s accessories is how they seamlessly fit with different styles.

As a result, you can use something as simple as quality sunglasses that fit the shape of your face and elevate your style. And for your hands, consider adding stylish bracelets made of wood, leather, and stainless steel that compliments your style.

You can stack two bracelets with distinct designs for a more masculine effect. Alternatively, if you prefer rings, avoid wearing more than four rings to create a visual balance.

Layering Is Vital

The love of layering correctly in New York is visible in street fashion, photoshoots, and runway shows. So be ready to layer to be stylish without looking like you are trying too hard.

However, before you start layering, you must follow some guidelines to ensure your look is cohesive. To begin, you will need to wear thinner fabrics that fit well as a base, then follow up with a thicker garment on top.

Layering should end at three items to avoid looking bulky and overstaffed. And for a clean look, layer lightly toned clothes inside and have darker colored garments outside.

Keeping all these rules in mind would ensure that every layer can work independently without clashing.

Black Mood

If you take time and observe New York fashion, you will realize that the love of black is at an all-time high. Black is a slimming color, but it symbolizes power, elegance, and luxury.

But aside from all this, black clothing has a lot of benefits as your wardrobe choice. Black-colored clothes pair beautifully with a lot of outfits. You can also use minimal accessories to fit in seamlessly with the black look.

Black garments offer versatility, and can you can wear them to a job interview or outdoor activities without the worry of looking out of place. New York fashion tends to vary from season to season, and you are guaranteed to stay in style with black clothes.

Once in a while, you find yourself with a spilled coffee, and woe unto you if you had decided to wear white clothes. But with black garments, you will quickly hide the stains. So, get your favorite black trousers and shirt and pair them together for that mature look that reflects the New York fashion.

Shoes Are A Big deal

New York is a city that bursts with creativity, especially everything that’s fashion-related. Shoes are an essential part of this fashion as they complete and compliment your look. For instance, you can wear dark brogues with official outfits and lighter ones for a more casual look.

And for those cold winter days, leather boots will keep you warm while still adding an edgier aesthetic to your general look. A casual day in the concrete jungle will include suede chunks that replace sneakers for an elegant look.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, New York offers you a chance to express your style in an elegant and classic way. However, if you don’t know where your style lies, you can take ideas from minimalism with simple design.

Or alternatively, go for a bohemian look that resembles the hippie era. You can channel your cool kid vibe with a hipster look or get creative with extra outfits that will make heads turn. Whatever way you choose to dress, ensure that it reflects the gentlemanly look of New York


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