Create the Perfect Butler’s Pantry

A trend in home design that has begun to reemerge has been the addition of a butler’s pantry to serve as a staging area for gatherings. Originally designed as a freestanding cupboard, it eventually grew to become a place to store fine dining plates and flatware. One description of the room is a “pantry on steroids,” while others use it as a prep area for food. No matter how you intend to use the space, here is how to create the perfect butler’s pantry for your home.

How To Create the Perfect Butler’s Pantry

Keep It Light

Like most rooms in your home, you want to make sure that your butler’s pantry is well lit. This will encourage the use of the room instead of simply treating it like just another closet. Natural light from a window is ideal, especially if the window is located above a sink to allow the steam from hot water to easily escape.

Additional Appliances

A butler’s pantry makes a great staging area for your party, and it can also help make the cleanup from your soiree much easier. A common feature in the room is a second dishwasher that speeds up the washing process. A butler’s pantry can also double as a coffee station, with different brews and creamers to allow each of your guests to select their favorites. Wine refrigerators and microwaves are also frequently used to give the room additional functionality.

Storage Space

The original intent of a butler’s pantry was to act as a room to store fine dining materials like silverware, dishware, and drinking glasses. Installing cabinets will create additional storage capacity while keeping your kitchen free from clutter. Another common feature of a butler’s pantry is a second refrigerator, allowing for quick access to drinks or snacks for guests.

Decorating Tips

When deciding how to create the perfect butler’s pantry, make sure to match the color scheme and cabinetry style to your kitchen. Try to ensure that the hardware for your cabinetry matches to create a seamless transition from the living room to the kitchen. The room should be usable without being flashy. You don’t want your guests hanging out in this room, so keep simple designs and functionality in mind.


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