Eyelash extensions are a great way to get thicker, fuller lashes without putting on mascara. These products can complement your style in an effective, subtle way, and they can take your personal look to the next level. It’s important, however, to remember they often need care and maintenance to keep them in good condition. Learn how to care for your eyelash extensions, and reap the benefits of big, beautiful lashes.

Keep them Clean

Like anything else that needs maintenance, forgetting to regularly clean your eyelash extensions can speed up the deterioration process. This will result in the extensions losing their hold on your lashes and potentially drying them out. To make sure this doesn’t happen to your newly-applied lashes, gently brush a quality eyelash cleanser through them with a lash brush. This will remove any excess dirt and oils from the lashes and slow the rate of decay.

Groom them Gently

To keep your lashes looking full, it’s important to take the time to groom them. While you don’t need to do this often, it helps to periodically separate the lashes from one another and style them upwards. When grooming, use a clean mascara spool or eyeshadow brush to gently flip them upward with sweeping motions.

Cut Down on Moisturize

Excessive exposure to moisture can lessen the glue’s hold on your original lashes and could cause your extensions to fall off. Daily routine activities such as washing your face and showering are usually fine, but it’s crucial that you don’t apply moisturizing products directly to the lashes.

Only Touch Up with Mascara

A benefit of using eyelash extensions is they take away the need for mascara, as extensions can plum up your lashes well enough on their own. In fact, continuing to use mascara can even damage them. While it’s highly discouraged to use mascara on eyelash extensions, many individuals still find it beneficial to perform minor touch-ups. If you still feel the urge to use these products on your extensions, make sure you only use them on the tips of the lashes, and clean them very carefully afterwards.

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