How To Be a Thoughtful Gift Giver

How To Be a Thoughtful Gift Giver

Gift giving occasions appear almost every month, but it can be challenging to shop for specific people in the face of endless options. Here are the best tips for how to be a thoughtful gift giver.

How To Be a Thoughtful Gift-Giver

Take Notes Throughout the Year

One of the easiest and most meaningful ways to be a thoughtful gift-giver is to take note of the things the person says they want. Throughout the year, they will list off dozens of items that look interesting or appealing to them. Essentially, this is a foolproof approach since you already know they have an interest in the product or experience. For example, when looking for the best birthday gifts for your wife, look for things that she pointed out to you at her favorite stores or experiences she enjoyed. These are great starting points for your planning purposes.

Focus on the Sentimental

Every gift has a thought behind it. Whether you give an ironic gift to a humorous friend or a romantic gift to your significant other, we attach emotional meanings to the things we receive, whether we want to or not. So focus on the messages you are sending with each gift. If you and the person in mind have a special place you visit or a favorite shared memory, think of ways to tie pieces of this sentimentality into your gift.

Confer With Others

If you are having a difficult time shopping for someone, ask the opinion of their close friends or family. These people are also likely to give them gifts and may have a clue as to what you could get as well. Come to them with your ideas, and see what they think. Be okay if you end up scrapping the whole list, and focus on moving forward with a clearer sense of direction. Conferring with others is the ultimate way to work through your gifting confusion.

Use these ideas for how to be a thoughtful gift-giver, and practice them with your next gift. People are bound to love every present that comes from the heart and has special significance. Look for ways to wow people, but don’t overthink in the process. Giving gifts can be a fun experience, so let loose and focus on celebrating the other person!

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